Hi, it’s me, Bud Mushroom!


Guess what happened? Cloverflower touched something on my rock. She made everything turn black! I could not see Worldwide Spider’s Web.

I was very sad. I drooped! But then Cloverflower touched the thing again. She called it Button. Worldwide’s Web came back!

But something was wrong. I will tell you what was wrong.

The corner was red. Then it was not red. Then it was red again. Then it was not. I do not know why.

Cloverflower said *Bud Mushroom we have to ask Flutterglow because she knows more about human things than I do*.

I did not want to tell her about my rock, but Cloverflower said we could trust her.

Flutterglow watched the red thing come. She watched the red thing go. She said *Bud Mushroom it needs Power*.

I think Power is human Magic.

Flutterglow said *I do not know how to get Power in Twinkle Dingle. I will think about it*.

Flutterglow thought about it for a long time. And she had her Job to do still. Cloverflower had her own Job to do too. A lot of things happened in Twinkle Dingle! I had to wait and wait. My rock turned black again. I could not see Worldwide’s Web. I waited so long that I forgot to take food to the gnomes!!!

Then today Flutterglow brought me a different thing. She took it out of her Bag. I thought the thing was a rock. Flutterglow called it Potato. Humans eat them! But this one is Magic because it has Power. She put something called Cord into Potato. Cord looks like a vine. Then she put the other end of Cord into my pretty rock. And then she pushed Button.

Worldwide’s Web came back!!! And the red thing stopped!

Flutterglow said *Wildwhisper put Magic on the Potato so it will not Rot. Now you will always have Power Bud Mushroom. Do not push the Off Button again*.

I will not push Button. Then my rock will not turn black again.




About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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