A Great Big Mess

I have been busy. I have been Useful! This is what happened.

The Queen said *Twinkle Dingle is a Great Big Mess. We must Clean It Up.* I did not know what a Great Big Mess was. But I did not like the way it sounded!

The Queen told everyone what to do. This is what the Queen told me to do. She said *Bud Mushroom be Useful. Find broken branches and put them in a Stack. Find fallen leaves and put them in a Pile. You can do these Useful Things!*

I did what she said. Other fairies did other things. Bubblebelle scrubbed snails. Wildwhisper polished the Thorn. Peppertwirl organized her petals. Cloverflower told the other fairies what the Queen said for them to do. Even the Garden Gnomes helped! They planted weeds. Rudy dug holes for them. Flutterglow brought everyone food while they worked. She gave me a seashell full of honey! It was delicious!

I made a giant Stack of branches. I made a huge Pile of leaves. I did not know that broken branches and fallen leaves were a Great Big Mess! I thought they were just part of Twinkle Dingle! I am glad the Queen told me what they really were!

Then we did something amazing! The Queen said *Now We will have a Bonfire.* I did not know what a Bonfire was! It is a fire! But it is in a circle. The circle is made of rocks. But they are forest rocks, not Magic rocks.

Fire is hot! My bottom got very warm. Flutterglow said *Do not go into the fire, Bud. You will get burned.* I did not go in. I did not get burned. But the branches I Stacked were burned! The leaves I Piled were burned! Then they were not a Great Big Mess.

Then we put food on sticks! I have never put food on a stick! The Queen showed me what to do. We held the sticks near the fire. The food got warm! It turned brown! Then we ate it. It was delicious. We ate until our bellies were big and round!

It was a nice day.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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