A Funny Thing Happened

Something Very Funny happened in Twinkle Dingle! I will tell you what happened.

Flutterglow said to me *Bud come to my house tomorrow in the morning as soon as you wake up. Cloverflower made Nectar for the Very First Time and she says you should taste it.*

I do not know why Cloverflower made Nectar! It is not part of her Job. She is the Queen’s Messenger! But I like Nectar and I like Cloverflower. So I told Flutterglow I would be there.

I was so excited that I could not sleep! It was still dark when I got up. But I could not wait. I went to Flutterglow and Cloverflower’s house. They live together. It is better for their Jobs. And they are friends.

I knocked on their door. They did not answer! I waited and waited. I was thirsty for Nectar! I did not want to wait. I went to their window.

Flutterglow told me once *Bud, human windows have something in them called Glass. You can see through it but it is hard like a rock.*

I think Glass is Magic, but we do not have Glass in Twinkle Dingle. Windows in Twinkle Dingle are just holes in houses. They have Shutters on them. They do not have Glass.

My house does not have windows. It is darker that way. But Cloverflower and Flutterglow’s house has windows.

I walked to a window. I opened the Shutters. I climbed into the window.

I had been to their house before. I Knew where I was. I was in a room they called Parlor. No one sleeps there. No one eats there. No one plays in there. I do not know why a room with no purpose has a name. My log house does not have a Parlor. My log house has Only One Room. It’s easier that way.

No one was in the Parlor. Except for me, Bud Mushroom. But I wanted Nectar! So I left the Parlor. Then I was in the Kitchen. Humans have Kitchens. They use their Kitchens to make food. So do fairies! I Knew Cloverflower would make Nectar in her Kitchen. So I looked for the Nectar. I looked on the Table. I looked under the Basin.

Finally I found it, on a Shelf! The Nectar was in a Bowl. The Bowl was made out of a seashell. It was a Very Large Bowl! I climbed into the Bowl and drank and drank. Then I licked the bowl until it was dry! It was delicious Nectar!

And then the Funny Thing happened. I was Very Full! And I was also Very Sleepy. I fell asleep in the Nectar Bowl.

I had a nice Dream. In my Dream, I was sleeping in a seashell full of Nectar! I was happy in my Dream.

But then I woke up! Do you know why? I will tell you why I woke up. I heard screaming! And it woke me up.

Flutterglow was screaming! She said *Bud Mushroom you scared me! Why are you sleeping in that seashell? And what happened to all of my wing oil? BUD DID YOU DRINK IT??*

I hiccupped. Then I smiled and nodded.

Flutterglow made a noise. She calls the noise Exasperated. I do not know what Exasperated means. But she made the noise and then stomped out of the room. I heard her talking to Cloverflower.

Cloverflower came into the Kitchen. She had her hands over her mouth. When she moved her hands away, she was laughing!

She said *That was not my Nectar, Bud Mushroom! That was the oil Flutterglow rubs on her wings to keep them strong! It takes a Very Long Time to make! You should have waited! Here is the Nectar. Maybe you should take it and go home.*

She gave me an acorn shell. It was full of Nectar! I took it home and drank it. It was delicious.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

(acorn image from pixabay)


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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