Things I found in Worldwide’s Web

I found something in Worldwide’s Web! I will tell you what I found.

I wanted some Nectar. I went to Flutterglow and Cloverflower’s house. I did not climb into the window. I knocked on the door.

Flutterglow opened the door! She said *What do you want now, Bud? You already drank all of my wing oil.*

I told her I was hungry. She made the noise that she calls Exasperated. But she let me come into her house!

She said *Sit down Bud. You can have the rest of this, I am full.*

She put a plate in front of me. I looked at the food. I did not know what the food was! I have never seen this food before!

Flutterglow said *It’s human food, Bud. It’s called Cheese Burger. I stole a piece from a human. Silly human thought I was a wasp and ran away screaming.*

Then she giggled and giggled. She made a noise like a wasp buzzing. That made me laugh.

Then she said *I have to go back to my Job. Shut the door when you leave, Bud. And don’t drink my oil again.*

I looked at the Cheese Burger. I knew it had to be safe. Flutterglow ate it! She knows human things. But I had never seen Cheese Burger before!

I licked it. It was delicious! It was not food like Nectar. I would have to chew this food. I did not like to chew.

But the lick was delicious! So I took a bite. I chewed it. It was not hard like nuts. It was softer like cake. I could chew this food!

I ate Every Last Bite! And then I licked the plate. Then I saw some on the table. I licked that too. Then I licked my fingers.

I did not drink Wing Oil. I shut the door on My Way Out. Then I went home.

But I wanted more Cheese Burger! It was delicious!

I did not know how to get Cheese Burger. It was a human thing. Then I remembered!

Worldwide’s Web has EVERYTHING in it!

So I jumped words. This is what I jumped: Cheese Burger. I wanted Worldwide to show me more Cheese Burger!

But guess what Worldwide showed me??

CATS! I do not know why.

I like cats! I do not want a cat to eat me. But they are cute! I have a Cat Whisker.

I looked at Cheese Burger Cats for a long time. I did not find any Cheese Burger to eat. Maybe the Cats ate them all!

I am still hungry. I will go back to Flutterglow’s house now. Maybe she has more food for me.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

(cat photo from pexels)

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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