Rumpleknoll and the Garden Gnomes

Today the Queen said *Bud Mushroom, Today you will Help the Garden Gnomes. And Tell Rumpleknoll that We must Speak with Her AT ONCE!*

So I went to the Garden Gnomes. I found Nutsedge first. I did not know what the Gnomes wanted me to do! So I asked Nutsedge. Nutsedge said *Look for Rumple.* I did not know why. Rumpleknoll was always with the Gnomes! But Nutsedge did not remember that! So I told him.

But he shook his head! He said *Not here. She’s lost.*

I did not know what to say! Rumpleknoll had Never Been Lost Before.

Once Rumpleknoll went into the human world. She stayed for a Very Long Time. It was days and days! But she was not lost. Flutterglow knew where she was. Cloverflower knew where she was. I knew where she was. When I saw her in the human world, she gave me shoes and said *Carry these shoes back to Twinkle Dingle.* So I did. But she was not lost.

And now she was! I looked for her. The Gnomes looked too. I looked under bushes. I looked high up in trees. I asked Rudy if he had seen her. Rudy told me she was with the Gnomes. I told Rudy she was not. He curled up in a ball and went to sleep. Rudy was No Help At All.

I flew all around looking! I got worried! Maybe she had fallen into a hole! Maybe she was kidnapped by pixies! Maybe she was eaten by a fox! I hoped she was not hurt or kidnapped or eaten! I was not sure what I would tell the Queen! The Queen would say to me *Bud, it is Not Useful for You to tell Us that Rumpleknoll has been Eaten.*

I knew the Queen would Frown at me! I did not want to make the Queen angry!

Finally my wings were tired. I sat down to rest. Then I heard a giggle! I followed the giggle. I followed it to a place in the Clearing. The Gnomes collected Weeds in an old Flower Pot. It was not a hat. It was Just a Flower Pot. The giggle was in the Flower Pot!

I flew into the Flower Pot. It was full of Weeds. And Rumpleknoll! She grinned at me. I told her the Queen wanted to see her AT ONCE! She giggled! Then she said *Bud, I am in Desperate Need of a Substantial Snack. Be a Useful Fairy and find me Something Delicious to Eat.*

I knew where I could find a Substantial Snack. I knew where the Gnomes kept their food! This is how I know: I Delivered It and Put It Away. So I went to that place. I found some food. This is what I found: nuts and berries. I took them to Rumpleknoll. She smiled and ate them! Then she said *Thank you, Bud. You are a Very Useful Fairy.* Then she flew away.

I told Nutsedge I found Rumpleknoll. He said *Good. Tell th’ others.* So I did.

Then Thistle said *Yeh found Rumple. Go home, Bud.* So I went home. But I took a berry. Rumpleknoll sat on it. It was squished. That made it juicy! I licked it. It was delicious.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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