A Delicious Mistake

Today Cloverflower came to my house. She said *Bud Mushroom we need your help. Be Useful and help us.*

I like to be Useful. So I nodded and followed her.

She took me to her house. Flutterglow was there. That is because it is also her house. They live together.

Flutterglow made the noise she calls Exasperated. She said *It took you long enough.*

Cloverflower made a funny face. I laughed.

Flutterglow did not laugh. She said *Bud this is Important. You must hold this for us.*

I looked what what she gave me. It was choklit! I licked my lips.

Cloverflower said *No Bud. Don’t eat it. Flutterglow found it in the woods.*

Flutterglow laughed. She said *Found it. Ok.* She made a buzzing noise like a wasp. I do not know why.

Cloverflower giggled. I laughed too but I do not know why.

Then Cloverflower said *Help us Bud and you can have a lick.*

I nodded and smiled!

Flutterglow said *Sit here Bud. Do not let the choklit out of your sight. Do not eat it.*

Cloverflower said *We heard of something delicious to make with choklit. We have to find the rest of the ingredients. We will be back soon. And you can have some then.*

Then they POPPED away!

I looked at the choklit. Flutterglow had said *Do not eat it*. I would not eat it.

But she did not say *Bud Mushroom do not touch it*.

So I picked up the choklit. It was square and brown. I smelled it. It smelled delicious! I rubbed my hands on it. It felt smooth.

Then I put it back down on the table. I looked at my hands. They had choklit on them!

I did not know how to put the choklit back! But they said I could have a lick. So I licked off my hands.

It was delicious.

But the choklit on the table looked funny. It wasn’t smooth like before. They would know I had some on my hands! They would say *Bud Mushroom did you eat our choklit?* They might be angry. I did not want my friends to be angry.

But I had an Idea. It was Very Clever.

They said I could have a lick. So I licked the choklit until it was smooth again. I licked and licked and licked! And then it was smooth again.

I did not touch it again. I looked at it. It did not move. I do not know why.

Then Cloverflower and Flutterglow came back. Cloverflower had a flat thing that looked like a square leaf. Flutterglow had a puffy white thing.

Cloverflower said *Now we need to melt the marshy-mallow and …*

She saw the choklit. I grinned. I had kept it safe! I knew she would be happy!

She said *Bud did you eat our choklit?*

I shook my head. I had only licked it!

Flutterglow picked it up. She made the noise she calls Exasperated. *Bud it’s Almost Gone. What happened to it if you did not eat it?*

I took it from her. I licked it to show her.

She made the noise again and took it from me. I do not know why.

Cloverflower said *There is not enough left for us to use now, Bud! That was a Big Mistake, asking you to watch our choklit!*

I nodded and grinned.

Cloverflower made a face at me. Then she handed me the flat thing. She said *You may as well take that too, since we don’t have any choklit left.*

Flutterglow said *He can’t have my marshy-mallow. I will eat it By Myself. Go home Bud*.

I smiled and nodded. I took the flat thing home. When I got home, I licked it. It was also delicious! But it was very big. I was very full. I shared it with Rudy.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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