The Jar of Jam

Hi, it’s me, Bud Mushroom!

I have been busy. I was busy being Useful. That is because I am a Useful Fairy. I was so Useful that did not have time to jump words!

But now I can tell you something I did. It was not Useful. But it was Delicious.

One day, the Queen asked me some questions. I answered them. As a Reward, she gave me something AMAZING!

It was this: A JAR FULL OF JAM!

I love Jam! It is Delicious!

But the Jar was Too Big To Carry. So I ate it while I was in the Queen’s House. She was not there. She had Important Things To Do.

And then a funny thing happened! I will tell you what it was:


There is something about the Queen’s House that you should know. I will tell you what it is. The front door is blocked by a branch. That is because the Queen’s House is in a tree. Trees have branches, and one blocked the door.

So her House has something AMAZING! It has a door in the ROOF!

After I ate the Jam, I tried to fly out the Door in the Roof. But I got stuck! My head and arms were outside the House! My bottom and legs were inside the House! When I got stuck, I laughed and laughed.

Finally, my friends came to pull me out. This is who came: Cloverflower, Flutterglow, Rumpleknoll.

Rumpleknoll said *I am not pushing Bud’s backside. It is green and smells like mushrooms. You two go in there and do it.*

I laughed when she said that. She is right!

Cloverflower twirled her hair. Flutterglow made the noise she calls Exasperated. But then they both POPPED inside the House and started pushing my bottom! Rumpleknoll grabbed my hands and pulled! It tickled! I squirmed and laughed!

But I was still stuck! Then Flutterglow and Cloverflower both POPPED back. Rumpleknoll said, *Just grab his hands and POP him out.*

Flutterglow giggled. Then Cloverflower giggled. Then they each held one of my hands and POPPED me out of the Doorway! Then I flew home.

It was a Very Delicious and Exciting Day!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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