Flutterglow and the Bee

Today, my friend Flutterglow came to my house. She said, *Bud Mushroom, Be Useful and Help me!*

I nodded. I like to be Useful!

Then she said, *Bud, I want to give Cloverflower a Gift. I am going to the Bees to get some Honey. You can carry this Pot to fill with Honey.*

I like Cloverflower. She smells nice and she makes me laugh. I nodded again. I wanted to help! I wanted her to have a Gift!

Flutterglow flew away. I followed. I carried the Pot.

Flutterglow has an amazing thing. It is called Courier Bag. She can put things in her Bag. It can be a GINORMOUS thing and it will STILL FIT!

She did not have her Bag now. I do not know why. That is why I had to carry the Pot. I wished she had her Bag. The Pot was heavy. It made my arms hurt. But we did not have to fly very far.

We went to the place the Bees live. It is called Bee Hive. I do not know why. She hovered by the opening of Bee Hive. There is no door on a Bee Hive! I do not know why.

Flutterglow stuck her head inside Bee Hive. She said this: *Hello, Bees! Where are you all? Can I have some honey for my friend, Cloverflower? Oh there you are, Bee. Hello, can we please have some … OW! Hey, stop that! Ow! Stupid Bee, I only wanted … OW!*

She pulled her head out. I saw why she said OW! This is why: THE BEE POKED HER WITH A STINGER!

A Bee has an amazing thing! It is called Stinger. It is attached to the Bee’s bottom! Bees can Sting fairies and other things! It hurts! But it also hurts the Bee! So the Queen gave the Bees a Magic Stinger to use sometimes. It is like a Thorn. It is not attached to their bottom. The Bees do not get hurt when they use it! But it makes fairies say OW!

That is what the Bee used to poke Flutterglow. When I saw her face, I knew it! And this is why: HER FACE WAS ALL RED AND PUFFY! I started to laugh. Then she said *Ips nob fummy, Bum.*

I did not know what to do! I wanted to laugh but she said it was not funny. So I tried to be Useful and think about What To Do. And this is what I Knew: I could take her to Crystalfluff! Crystalfluff makes Potions and Tonics and Remedies. When fairies are sick, Crystalfluff helps us to Get Well Soon.

I flew to the ground and left the Pot. Then I flew back to Flutterglow and held her hand. I helped her fly to Crystalfluff!

When we went into Crystalfluff’s house, Crystalfluff said, *Oh my, oh my! Whatever happened, Bud?*

I told her what happened. I told her about the Bee! I told her about the Stinger!

Then she said *Tsk, tsk, Flutterglow! Whatever were you thinking? You should know better than that! But I will make you well. Go home, Bud, thank you for being Useful.*

I went home. That is where I am now! I do not know what Crystalfluff will do! And I just remembered! I need to go get the Pot! I will go get it NOW!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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