One day the Queen said, *Bud Mushroom, We require a Wishing Well. Find Tanglebug and Featherdancer, and have them construct one near my cottage.*

I nodded. I knew where the Queen’s Cottage was. It was high up in a tree! But I did not know what a Wishing Well was! I flew away. I found Tanglebug. I found Featherdancer. They are Builders. They would know what a Wishing Well was!

I told them what the Queen said. I said, *The Queen wants a Wishing Well. I do not know why.*

Tanglebug said, *What are you saying, Bud?*

Featherdancer said, *I do not understand him. We must ask the Queen.*

We all flew to the Queen. She was sitting on her Throne. This is why she has a Throne: She is the Queen! She sits on it. That is what Queens do with Thrones.

Tanglebug said, *We do not understand what Bud wants.*

Featherdancer said, *All he does is wave his hands and smile.*

I smiled! I liked to smile. But it is hard to talk. I do not like to talk. That is why I wave my hands. It is better than talking.

The Queen grinned at me! She is my friend. She knows I do not like to talk.

She said, *We require a Wishing Well. When We last Granted a Wish, We had to depend upon the availability of Dandelions, which is Not Certain. And it Simply Will Not Do to involve Leprechauns in the Royal Business of Twinkle Dingle, nor can we depend on Stars to Leave Their Homes in the sky. We must have a Wishing Well we can use At All Times.*

Tanglebug said, *Oh. I suppose we can do that.*

Featherdancer said, *Where do you want it?*

*Bud will show you,* the Queen said.

She meant me! I am Bud! And I Knew where she wanted it! So I flew to a spot under a tree. It was not Right Next to her cottage. This is why: HER COTTAGE IS IN A TREE! I pointed up to her cottage.

Tanglebug looked up. Featherdancer looked up.

Tanglebug frowned.

Featherdancer said, *We cannot build it in a tree. We must build it down here on the ground.*

I frowned and I drooped. The Queen said near her cottage! But then I remembered: underneath was near. So I smiled and nodded.

Tanglebug said, *Thank goodness.*

Featherdancer said, *At least we understand nodding.*

I nodded again!

Then Featherdancer said, *Bud, go find rocks. A lot of rocks. Big ones, as big as your head! And don’t Smallify them, they must stay Exactly That Size.*

I nodded. I flew around looking for rocks. I found some! They were heavy! I could only carry one at a time. I flew a lot. I carried a lot. My wings hurt.

Finally Tanglebug said, *You can stop now. We have enough rocks.*

I smiled. I was tired! I wanted to stop. So I sat under the tree while they worked. I wanted to watch them build Wishing Well. But I was so tired that I fell asleep! And when I woke up, I saw what they built! It was a small round building. It had a roof on sticks! But it was Much Too Small to live in. Next to it, there was a bucket made out of an acorn. It had a spider silk rope attached to it.

I still do not know what it is for. I do not know how an acorn bucket and a tiny house made of rocks can Make Wishes Come True. I will ask someone tomorrow.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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