Hello from Bud Mushroom

I could not jump words for a long time! That is because Something Happened. I will tell you what happened!

I jump words on my Magic Rock. That is how I make this blog! My Rock has a Cord. One end of the Cord is stuck into my Rock. The other end of the Cord is stuck into a POTATO. The Potato is Magic. It has Power. It makes the Rock light up. Then I can jump words.

This is what happened: I was in my house. My friend Rudy came to visit! He is a skunk. He is too big to fit in my house. Only his snout fits! He sniffed me. It tickled! I laughed, and flew out of my house.

But Rudy smelled something that was not me. That is because I was not in my house. This is what he smelled: he smelled my Potato!

Then this is what happened next: RUDY ATE MY MAGIC POTATO!

I flew down Just In Time to pull away the Cord! He did not eat the Cord. He did not eat the Rock. But he ate the Entire Potato.

I laughed and laughed. But then I drooped. This is why I drooped: now I had no power! I could not jump words on my Magic Rock! I drooped more!

Then I told Rudy why I drooped. Rudy drooped too! He did not know it was a Special Potato. He only thought it was a Delicious Snack. I sat on his back. I patted his head.

I said, *There, there, Rudy. Do not be sad. You did not know any better.*

We went to find Flutterglow. This is why: she gave me the Potato! Maybe she could find another one. Then I would have Power again!

When we found Flutterglow, I told her what happened. She made the noise she calls Exasperated.

Then she said, *I do not know if I can find another Potato, Bud. I will try, but maybe you can ask Shinyspeck for Something Rudy Won’t Eat. But do not show Shinyspeck your Magic Rock. That is Very Important to remember, Bud.*

I nodded! Shinyspeck is not a fairy. This is why: HE IS A PIXIE! But he is not a Mean Pixie. He is a Nice Pixie. And he is a Clever Pixie. He makes things. That is his Job. So we went to find Shinyspeck.

I told Shinyspeck what happened.

He said *Bud Mushroom, I do not know what you are trying to say. I do not understand. You will have to show me Some Other Way.*

I nodded. I flew to Rudy’s back and sat down. Shinyspeck flew to Rudy’s back and sat down. Then Rudy walked back to my house.

When we got to my house, I showed Shinyspeck the Cord. I did not show him the Rock, because Flutterglow told me not to. I did not show him the Potato, because it was inside Rudy. I did not want to be inside a skunk! But Shinyspeck understood!

He said, *Bud, I have seen a Cord like this, once. Flutterglow … never mind that now. Pretend I didn’t say that. You need a Power Supply. I will give you power from the Sun!*

I clapped my hands. I nodded. Shinyspeck went back to his workshop. He calls it “Shinyspeck’s Workshop.” I do not know why. He did not come back Right Away, but that is alright because I was tired. So I went to sleep.

When I woke up, there was a small box in my house. My Cord went into the box. Another cord went from the box through a crack in my house, to the outside. I went outside and looked at the cord. It went up the side of a tree, up and up and up! Shinyspeck said he would get me power from the Sun. The Sun is VERY HIGH UP! He must have had a very very VERY long cord! Pixies are AMAZING. I did not know they could fly all the way to the Sun.

Now my Rock lights up and I can jump words again.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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