The Giggleblur

One day, Flutterglow came to my house.

She said, *Bud Mushroom, I have a Surprise for you! Hold out your hands!*

I smiled! I like Surprises! I held out my hands. Flutterglow gave me Something! This is what she gave me: A BEAN. It was a Large Bean. It was as big as my hand!

Flutterglow said, *Bud, that is a Magic Bean. Lick it and you will see what I mean!*

I licked the Bean. My eyes got big! That is because I was Surprised by my Surprise! This is why: IT WAS CHOKLIT!


I licked the Bean again!

Flutterglow said, *I have to go, Bud, I have things to do. But I will See You Later.* Then she flew off. This is why: she had things to do, and she would See Me Later.

I took my Bean inside my log house. I sat in my hummingbird nest bed. I licked and licked and licked the Bean!

Then something funny happened! I will tell you what it is: The Bean was still there, but the Choklit was all gone!

I will tell you why: the Bean was not MADE of Choklit! It was just COVERED in Choklit! Inside was Something Else!

I licked the Something Else. I took a tiny nibble. It did not taste Delicious. It tasted like Dandelion Leaves!

I frowned. I wanted more Choklit! Then I smiled. Maybe Flutterglow had more! I flew to Flutterglow’s house. It is also Cloverflower’s house. This is why: they live together.

I opened the door. I went inside. One time I went in through the window. Flutterglow said, *Bud do not go in the window again*. So this time I went in the door.

I did not see Flutterglow in the house. I saw a green blur. Then I saw Cloverflower. I showed her my Magic Bean. I drooped. That is because the Choklit was All Licked Off.

Cloverflower Rolled Her Eyes. Then she said, *Why did you bring that here, Bud?*

I saw a green blur again. I dropped my Magic Bean. I rubbed my eyes. I did not know why I saw a blur! Then I picked up the Bean. I licked it to show Cloverflower that the Choklit was gone.

Then I saw the green blur again! But it did Something Strange: IT GIGGLED! Then all of a Sudden, Something Amazing Happened!


Cloverflower said, *Bud, you are Clever. You did not eat the inside of the Express Bean. Flutterglow did, and look what happened! She Can’t Slow Down now! I do not know how to Make Her Stop!*

I picked up the New Bean. I licked it. It was Choklit!

But I did not know how to make Flutterglow stop. I did not know WHAT she was supposed to stop! She was not even here! I was here, and Cloverflower was here, and the Green Giggleblur was here! I did not know where Flutterglow was. But she was not here.

I tried to tell Cloverflower, but she just Rolled Her Eyes Again.

She said. *Go home and lick your Choklit, Bud. Do not eat the Inside of the Bean. It will make you Zoom Way Too Fast and might have Dire Consequences.*

The Blur giggled again.

Cloverflower said, *Stop that, Flutterglow!*

I do not know why.

I took my New Bean and flew home. I licked off all the Choklit. I did not eat the Inside of the Bean. Then I jumped these words.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

P.S. I still do not know where Flutterglow is.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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