A Delightful Cake

One day we had a Feast. It was Nothing Special. This is why: Flickerfoot is the Queen’s Chef. He did not have time to prepare Something Special. That is because the Queen made him Do It Quickly. But even though it was Nothing Special, it was still Delicious and Filling.

I helped him cook! I carried Cricket Butter. I did not make the Cricket Butter. I did not milk the Crickets. I do not like to milk Crickets. They are easier to milk than Grasshoppers. Grasshoppers kick! Crickets do not kick. But they like to hop around. It is hard to milk a hopping Cricket. But I did not have to do that.

Then I carried Honey. I did not have to get the Honey from the Bees. Someone Else did that already. I just carried it.

Then Flickerfoot made the food. He made Nectar Punch. I love Nectar Punch! He said, *Bud Mushroom, DO NOT float in my punch! Stay out of my punch bowl! Remember what happened the Last Time!*

I nodded. I remembered. I licked my lips.

Flickerfoot made Sandwiches. A Sandwich is made like this: put Fruit Jam inside slices of Acorn Bread. Sandwiches do not have Real Sand in them. They should be called Breadwiches.

Flickerfoot made a Cheese Tray. He cut up Grasshopper Cheese. He put it on a Tray. That is because a Cheese Tray is not a Tray made out of Cheese. It is a Tray that has Cheese on it. I do not know why.

He made a Fruit Salad. That means he cut up Fruit and put it in a bowl. Then he mixed it all up.

Then he had his helpers set up the Table. The Queen’s Throne was at one end. She sat in it. The Table was covered with Food and Dishes. Then we had the Feast! I ate and ate and ate!

But then something AMAZING happened!

Flickerfoot brought out a CAKE!

It was made out of Petals and Leaves and Blossoms. It was covered with Icing.


It was Very Delicious. I ate a big piece.

Then my Mummy Willowdrop said, *I ate Too Many Sandwiches, Bud. You can have my Cake.* So I ate her piece too.

Then Pollenfoot said, *My piece is Much Too Big. You can have half, Bud.* Pollenfoot is a very tiny fairy. I ate half of his piece.

Then Flickerfoot said, *Bud, you were a Big Help today. You can have an extra piece.* I nodded! I WAS a Big Help! I ate the piece he gave me.

The Queen said, *Bud Mushroom, if you eat Any More Cake, you will Explode!*

I nodded. I felt bigger already! But the Cake was Very Delicious, and it was Hard To Stop.

Flutterglow smiled at me! She gave me another piece. Then she giggled! I do not know why. But I ate it.

Then I was thirsty. I was so thirsty that I forgot what Flickerfoot had said about the Nectar Punch. But I remembered he said *Nectar Punch* and I remembered he said *Float*.  So I flew into the Punch Bowl and Floated in it. I drank some. It was Delicious.

Turtlesong looked at me. I grinned at her. She is not a Fairy. She is a Pixie. But she is my friend. She said, *Bud Mushroom, if you do not get out of that Punch Bowl, I will make you wear Trousers again!*

I DID NOT WANT TO WEAR TROUSERS! I shook my head! I shivered! She flew over the Punch Bowl and pulled me out! I tried to fly away! I did not want to wear Trousers! But she laughed. She said, *I was teasing you, Bud. I am sorry if I scared you. Here, have my Cake.*

And she gave me her piece of Cake! So I ate it.

And then the Feast was Done. It was Delicious and Filling. My belly was Very Full. I was Very Happy. 

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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  1. Cant argue with the title of this post 😉

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