My friend Flutterglow

Today I will jump words about my friend Flutterglow!

Flutterglow wears a green dress. It looks like leaves. She has yellow hair and light skin. Her hair is straight. She does not like to comb her hair. She likes to look at herself. She looks in water and sees herself! I look in water and see myself. I do not look in water and see Flutterglow. I do not know why.

Flutterglow lives with Cloverflower. I jumped about that already! I do not want to jump it again!

Flutterglow has this job: Royal Courier. She has a Special Bag. Her Bag is Purple, because she works for the Queen. Her bag is Magic! She can put anything into her bag! The thing can be very very big, but the Bag is Magic and will make the thing very very small. Then it gets big again when it comes out. I carried her Bag once. I was being Useful.

Flutterglow does not have a Mummy. Flutterglow has a Poppy. His name is Wildwhisper. He takes care of the Thorn. I will jump about him Some Other Time.

Flutterglow like to eat Human Snacks. She should not go to the Human World to get Snacks but she Simply Can’t Help Herself. Sometimes Humans think she is a wasp! They try to swat her! But she is not a wasp. She is a fairy. This is why: she does not have a stinger.

Sometimes she shares her Snacks with me. One time she found Cheese Burger. She said, *It was just sitting there, Bud, I swear it didn’t belong to anyone.* And then she giggled. I do not know why. She gave me some. It was Delicious.

Sometimes I do things Flutterglow does not like. Then she makes this noise: Exasperated. Exasperated means I did something Flutterglow Does Not Like. Sometimes I mix-up what she Does Like and what she Does Not Like! But she always says, *It’s alright, Bud. I know you didn’t mean to do it.* And then she gives me a Delicious Snack. I love Delicious Snacks.

That is everything about Flutterglow.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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