My friend Rudy

Today I will tell you about Rudy.

Rudy is a skunk! This is how I know: he told me. Also he smells like one. He smells like Weeds!

Rudy is white with black stripes. Or maybe he is black with white stripes! I do not know which!

Rudy helps the Garden Gnomes. He wears a Special Hat. His hat is Watering Can. This is how he helps: he carries things. Also he makes plops. Weeds like to grow in plops.

One time, I hid in a plop. Flutterglow could not find me. Finally she found me! That is because Rudy told her where I was. Then Flutterglow said, *Bud Mushroom, you need a bath. Let’s go float in the pond.*

Sometimes small skunks visit Rudy. This is what he calls them: Niblings. I do not know what those are. This is the other thing Rudy calls them: Fluffy Troublemakers. I know what a Troublemaker is! This is what it is: Something that Makes Trouble. Fluffy Troublemakers are smaller than Rudy. They squeak a lot.

Rudy plays games with me. This is our favorite game: hide-and-seek. When he hides, I can always find him. He is bigger than I am! He is black and white and stripey. The woods are green and brown. He is easy to see. Also he smells like a skunk. When I hide, it is hard for him to find me. I am small. I am green! I do not smell like skunks or Weeds. I smell like mushrooms and Nectar. I like to hide.

Rudy likes to eat these things: berries, dead bugs, worms, mushrooms, and Weeds. He does not like Choklit or Grasshopper Cheese. One time, he ate my Magic Potato! He said it was Delicious.

I would not like to be a skunk. I do not want to eat worms. And I LOVE Choklit! But we can be friends even if we do not like to eat the same things!

That is everything about Rudy!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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