flickerfootToday I will jump about Flickerfoot. He is my friend. But he is not a friend I play games with. His Job keeps him Very Busy Indeed. This what his Job is: Chef. This is what he does: Makes Delicious Food.

Flickerfoot wears this: Chef’s Coat. It is for his Job. Flickerfoot has long hair. He ties it away from his face. He calls it Pony Tail. It is not really a pony’s tail, it is Flickerfoot’s hair! But he calls it Pony Tail. I do not know why.

Flickerfoot had Shoes! Only Very Important Fairies have Shoes. But he took a ride on a dragonfly. He took his Shoes off to ride. That is because dragonflies fly VERY FAST. If you are wearing Shoes, they will fly right off of your feet! So he took them off. But when he was done, his Shoes were gone. But he doesn’t need them now. That is because the Queen made a Rule. This is the Rule: Fairies Must Never Wear Shoes. It is a Good Rule.

Sometimes I help Flickerfoot. This is why: I am Useful. Also because he gives me Delicious Treats, and I LOVE Delicious Treats! But he does not like it when I float in his Punch Bowl. He says, *Bud Mushroom, you will make my Delicious Nectar Punch taste like mushrooms! Get out of my Punch Bowl!*  But I Just Can’t Help It, because I LOVE to float in Delicious Nectar Punch!

I do not know what Flickerfoot likes to eat. I have never seen him Eat Delicious Food! I have only seen him Make Delicious Food! But I know what he likes to make! He makes Delightful Cakes and Magnificent Feasts and Impressive Beverages! He makes Delicious Nectar Punch and Blossom Cake and Grasshopper Cheese and Cricket Butter and Acorn Bread and Fruit Salad and Walnut Loaf and Mushroom Tarts and Honey Pudding. He does not make Express Beans or Choklit. I do not know why.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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