Turtlesong is not a fairy! This is why: SHE IS A PIXIE!

One time, Turtlesong was not called Turtlesong. She had a Pixie name. I do not know what it was. But I called her this: Middle. That is because she has Pixie friends. One of them is taller than she is. One of them is shorter than she is. She is in the middle!

Turtlesong made me wear Trousers. I did not like that. But then she said, *I am sorry, Bud.* Now we are friends.

Turtlesong has this Job: Town Crier. That means she goes all over Twinkle Dingle. She says words that the Queen tells her to say. She invites people to Parties and tells people about Danger! She has an Important Job.

She is a Pixie so she wears brown clothing. She has brown hair and brown skin. She likes to eat crunchy Pixie food, like tree bark and hard nuts. I like tree bark when it is on trees! But I do not want to eat it. It hurts my mouth.

That is everything about Turtlesong.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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