Shinyspeck is not a fairy. This is why: HE IS A PIXIE! He has brown skin and brown hair and wears brown clothing! He has wings and he can fly.

Shinyspeck is not his Pixie Name. I do not know what his Pixie Name is! Before I knew his fairy name, I called him this: Tall. That is because he is Taller than the other Pixies. They are Short and Middle. They are his friends.

One time, Shinyspeck made me wear Trousers!!! But then he said *I am sorry we scared you, Bud.* Now he is my friend.

Shinyspeck has this job: Tinker. He invents things. He makes Gadgets and Doohickeys. He is Very Clever. The mermaids like him. He gives them the Thingamabobs he does not need. Mermaids like Thingamabobs. I do not know why.

Shinyspeck likes to eat crunchy Pixie food. He eats nuts and bark. He likes to drink Sea Water. He does not like to float in Nectar. He said, *Nectar makes my wings sticky, Bud. I do not like to be sticky.* I do not mind being sticky. Sticky Washes Off.

Shinyspeck lives with his Pixie friends. But he has this: A WORKSHOP! One time he let me go inside. He said, *Bud, you can come inside. But you MUST NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.*

So I went inside. I looked at all of his Gizmos and Whatchamacallits. I wanted to touch them. They are amazing! They are shiny! But I did not touch any of them, because he told me I MUST NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.

But I did lick one. Do not tell him.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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