A Secret

Today I will Jump a Secret.

I love to play games. That is not the Secret.

Hide-and-Seek is my favorite game! That is also not the Secret.

This is the Secret: I will Jump about the places I like to hide! The places are the Secret! But don’t tell Flutterglow. I want to hide in them again.

Here are my favorite places:

  1. In the Pond. I can hide under the water for a LONG TIME. But I soak up water! I get big! One time the Queen said, *Bud, you are like a Tiny Green Sponge.* I do not know what a Sponge is. But when I get big from the water, it is easy for Flutterglow to find me. Maybe the Pond is not such a good Hiding Place.
  2. In the Cricket Barn. One time Pebblemist found me hiding there. She said, *You are not a Cricket, Bud Mushroom. If you are going to be in my Cricket Barn, then you must help me clean it.* I nodded. I like to be Useful. I cleaned the Cricket Barn. I carried out all of the old Cricket Skins. When a Cricket grows, it takes off its old skin! I made a Pile of Cricket Skins. Then Flutterglow found me.
  3. In a Pile of Cricket Skins. Outside the Cricket Barn, there was a HUGE Pile of Cricket Skins! I do not know why. I hid in it. Flutterglow found me. She said, *Bud, that was silly, I just now found you in the Cricket Barn. Next time, wait until the next day, or hide in it while I am not looking, at least.* Next time, I will hide when she is Not Looking.
  4. Under Thistle’s hat. I hid there once for THREE DAYS. When Flutterglow finally found me, I laughed and laughed! She always looks there now. It is not a Secret Hiding Place anymore.
  5. In a Basket of Fluff. Quickspirit was Collecting Fluff. He is the Fluff Collector. He sat next to a Basket of Fluff. He opened a Box. This is what was inside the Box: A Delicious Snack! I LOVE Delicious Snacks! I flew next to him. He smiled. He said, *And how are you today, My Little Seedling?* I looked at his Snack. I licked my lips. He laughed. He gave me half of his Snack! Then he went back to work. Then I heard Flutterglow. Her wings made this noise: Buzz. She said, *Bud, where are you?* I hid in the Basket of Fluff. But I left my Delicious Snack next to the Basket! She found me. Then she handed me my Snack! It was Delicious.
  6. Under a Piece of Driftwood at the Seashore. I got Sand between my toes. Flutterglow did not find me. But Baggywrinkle did! He is a Puffin. He is friends with the Mermaids. He thought I was a Delicious Treat. But I am not a Delicious Treat! I am a Useful Fairy!
  7. In the Wishing Well. I am not a Coin. But I went inside anyway. Flutterglow found me. She said, *I found you, Bud! Now I get to hide, and you have to find me.* I nodded. She flew away. I counted to ten. Ten is the biggest number I know. Then I saw Grassywind. He is a Pixie. He said, *Hey, Bud, do you want to help me sort rocks?* I nodded! I DID want to help him Sort Rocks! We flew to his Sorting Station. We Sorted Rocks. Then I flew home. Then Flutterglow *POPPED* into my house. She made the noise she calls Exasperated. She said, *THERE you are! You were supposed to find me! I hid for hours and hours! What have you been doing all this time?* I told her about Sorting Rocks. She did this: Frown. But then she did this: Giggle. Then she said, *I would have gone off to sort rocks too, next time come find me first and we’ll both sort rocks.* I nodded. Next time I will find her so she can Sort Rocks Too.
  8. Under a leaf. Flutterglow did not find me. But Rudy did! He went for a walk. He stepped on the leaf. I got squished into the mud! It did not hurt. Mud is soft. But Rudy stopped. He moved the leaf. He saw me! Next time I will hide under a different leaf.
  9. Behind Flutterglow’s bed. She sleeps in a seashell. She came to her home. So did Cloverflower. That is because they share a house. Cloverflower said, *We should keep looking for him, Flutterglow. What if he is in danger?* The HIM is ME! I was hiding! Flutterglow said, *I am tired of looking, he’s probably just someplace he shouldn’t be anyway, like that time he hid in Rudy’s … I don’t even want to say it.* Cloverflower said, *Then let’s just go to bed, I am tired. We can look in the morning.* They came into the room with their bed. It is called Bed Room. I do not know why. Flutterglow took off her dress. She yawned. Then she saw me. She made the noise she calls Exasperated. She said, *There you are, Bud Mushroom! Get out of my Bed Room!* I nodded. I got out of her Bed Room. Cloverflower giggled. I do not know why.
  10. In the Queen’s Thinking Place. I am not allowed to go in there Without Permission. But I went in Without Permission. Flutterglow did not find me. She said, *Come out, come out, wherever you are!* I came out from wherever I was. Do not tell the Queen. I will be in Big Trouble if she finds out.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

P.S. Baggywrinkle did not eat me.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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