I am so excited!

It is almost Twinkle Dingle Day! Hooray!

These are Ten Reasons Why I Am Excited!

  1.  I LOVE CELEBRATIONS! They are fun! We have Celebrations A LOT in Twinkle Dingle. But Humans don’t come to them. Humans can come to Twinkle Dingle Day!
  2.  I will have a Day Off. Maybe I can Float in Something! I like to Float in buttermilk. It is Delicious.
  3.  I will get to meet new friends! Will you be one of my new friends?
  4.  There will be Games to Play! I LOVE GAMES! I love hide-and-seek the best.
  5.  Humans and fairies and pixies and mermaids can ASK ME ANYTHING! If I know the answers, I will ANSWER ANYTHING! I like to Answer Questions. It is like a Game!
  6.  Maybe I will get to lick Choklit! I LOVE CHOKLIT.
  7.  Someone called Author will be there. Authors make up stories! I LOVE STORIES! Maybe there will be a new story!
  8.  Someone called Artist will be there too! I know what an Artist is. They do this: Make Art. Art is nice to look at! But do not lick it. Artists DO NOT LIKE THAT. I do not know why.
  9.  Some Humans can win Prizes! Some of the prizes have pictures of me, Bud Mushroom. Some of the Prizes have pictures of my friends! Prizes are things like Stickers. I do not know what a Sticker is.
  10.  I LOVE TWINKLE DINGLE! I love it SO MUCH that I want everyone else to Celebrate with me! Maybe everyone else will love it too!

td bud

I hope you can come to Twinkle Dingle Day!!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.



About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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