A Very Strange Thing

A Strange Thing happened today. I will tell you what it was!

I woke up. I opened my eyes. I got out of bed. I did not get dressed. Those are not Strange Things. I do those things Every Single Day.

I went to find the Queen. That was not Strange either. But she was not on her Throne! This is how I know: No One was there! The Queen is not No One! That is because she is the Queen. I do not know why.

I flew around the clearing. I could not see the Queen. I could not hear the Queen! I could not even smell the Queen! That is what was Strange!

But then I DID hear something. It sounded like this: Buzz. But many things in Twinkle Dingle make the sound Buzz. I did not know what made the sound Buzz this time.

I flew towards the Buzz. And I saw the Queen! She was near her Thinking Place. It is like a house. But it is in a tree! I did not know why she was going to her Thinking Place. I flew closer to it.

She flew to the roof. She opened the door in the roof. She flew inside.

I did not go inside. I was Not Invited. If I went inside when I was Not Invited, I would be in Big Trouble. Once, I was in Big Trouble. The Queen made me milk the grasshoppers. I do not like to milk grasshoppers. They kick.

I flew to a different part of her Thinking Place. It is called this: Window. A Window is like a Hole in a Wall. You can see into the Thinking Place! The Queen was Very Clever to make a Window in her Thinking Place. I live in a Rotten Log. I do not have a Window. But I do have ants and slugs. They are as Just As Good as a Window. But you can’t see through them.

I heard a noise inside the Thinking Place. I looked through the Window. This was the noise: The Queen opened a Cupboard! The noise I heard was the Door. It did this: Squeak. Then the Queen looked in her Cupboard. She took something out.

This is what she took out: A JAR OF DELICIOUS SWEETS.

I do not like Chewy Delicious Sweets. They are hard to chew. Chewing makes my mouth hurt. But I looked carefully. And I saw something AMAZING.


I licked my lips. I LOVE CHOKLIT. I do not chew it. I lick it. Then it does not hurt my mouth.

I wanted some Delicious Choklit. But I knew something about the Queen: The Queen does not like to share her Delicious Choklit. She does not like to share the Berry Sweets, either. She will Only Share the Peppermints and the Licorice.

I watched the Queen. I licked my lips. But then something happened. I slipped! I fell against the Thinking Place! It made this noise: Bang.

The Queen stopped. She turned to the Window. She said *Who is that Outside Our Thinking Place? Gran, it that you?*

She meant Rumpleknoll. She calls Rumpleknoll *Gran*. I do not know why.

But I am not Rumpleknoll. I am not Gran! I am Bud Mushroom, Useful Fairy. And I would be in Big Trouble if the Queen saw me looking through her Window! I did not want to milk grasshoppers again!

But then the Queen put the Jar on her Table. She flew to the ceiling. She went out the door in the roof. And she started to fly near me!

I could not fly up, she would see me! I could not fly down, she would catch me! So I climbed in the Window. And licked my lips.

I did not take the Jar of Delicious Choklit. I only took One Piece. I did not eat it. But I did lick it. I Could Not Help Myself. Then I heard a noise on the roof! I dropped the Choklit! I jumped out the Window! I flew to the ground. I did not want the Queen to see me!

Then something happened! THE QUEEN SUMMONED ME! She does it like this: she claps her hands. She whistles. Then I know she is Summoning Me.

That means I can go into her Thinking Place! Maybe she wanted to give me some Delicious Choklit! So I flew back up into the tree. I went in through the Door in the Roof. I landed next to her. I smiled!

She frowned at me. *Bud Mushroom, have you been eating Our Delicious Choklit?*

I shook my head. I had not eaten it! I had only licked it!

She frowned again. She held up the piece I licked. She said, *Did you lick this, Bud?*

I nodded. I had licked it!

Then she did a Strange Thing. The thing she did was not the Strange Thing. But SHE did it. Usually Flutterglow does it! The Queen does not. She did this: SHE MADE THE NOISE CALLED EXASPERATED.

But then she handed me the Choklit I licked! *You can have that, Bud,* she said. *But you must not Sneak in here and Steal Our Snacks.*

I nodded. I would not Sneak in here and Steal Her Snacks.

*And you must be Taught a Lesson, for Disobeying Us,* she said.

I drooped. I did not want to milk grasshoppers again! But she said something AMAZING!

*After you eat that Choklit, you will Scrub Our Table. You got Choklit all over it. Then you will bathe in the Pond, and Clean your Sticky Fingers. And then you will go with Flutterglow to wherever it is that she goes to Find Treats, and you will help her to Replenish Our Royal Stash of Snacks.*

I nodded! I smiled! I would Wash the Table! I would Help Flutterglow! I would not have to milk grasshoppers!!! I was so happy that I spun in circles in the air.

I cleaned the Table. I took a bath! Now I have to go with Flutterglow! I will carry her Bag! Maybe we will find Choklit! Maybe we will find Cheese Burger!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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