Hopper, Jumper, and Bouncer

A long long LONG time ago I found this: a baby bunny!


I will tell you what!


It is not a baby bunny now. It is a Mummy bunny! This is how I know: I saw it with baby bunnies!

I will tell you what happened. This is what happened: I was in the forest. That is because I live there. All fairies live there. I do not know why.

I visited my friend, Baggywrinkle. He is a Puffin. He lives with the mermaids. But he can’t stay under water all the time. He is not a fish! I do not know why. But he is not. He was standing on a rock. I waved to him. He did not wave back. He does not have arms. He has these instead: wings.

After I waved, I flew home. But I fly slowly. It makes me tired. So I stopped to rest. And then I saw the bunny! It hopped over to me. Then I saw the babies! They hopped and and jumped and bounced. I laughed and laughed. Then the Mummy bunny stopped! She looked at me! She crept to me. She sniffed me! I laughed, because it tickled!

Then she did this: SHE LICKED ME! I laughed more because it tickled a LOT!

I did not know why she licked me. Fairies are not good food for bunnies. Bunnies eat things like apples and grass. But I am a Useful fairy, and it was Useful to Know Why. Then I KNEW!

It was the same bunny I helped before! She was not tasting me! She was saying THANK YOU BUD MUSHROOM!

I smiled! I like to be Useful!

Then she showed me her babies. She had three babies. I do not speak Bunny so I do not know their Bunny names. I will call them Hopper, Jumper, and Bouncer. Mummy bunny let me touch her babies. They were very soft. I hope I see them again!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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1 Response to Hopper, Jumper, and Bouncer

  1. Jess Schira says:

    Really cute story 😆


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