Rain Bow

Yesterday, the Queen said something AMAZING! I will tell you what she said. This is what she said: *Bud Mushroom, Twinkle Dingle needs a Good Rainstorm. The plants are dry! The snails are sad! We will make it Rain tomorrow. But We need you to be out in the Rain doing Useful Things!*

I laughed. I love Rain! And then I drooped. The last time I went out in the Rain, I became very ill. Rain is not good for fairies! But then the Queen said something EVEN MORE AMAZING! This is what she said: *Bud Mushroom, We will give you this Magic Hair Bow, and it will keep you Safe from the Rain. You will not become ill!*

I drooped again. A Hair Bow is CLOTHING! I do not like Clothing! I did not want to wear Hair Bow, even if it was Magic! I drooped even more!

But then she said THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! This is what she said: *Bud Mushroom, you do not need to wear the Rain Bow. You can carry it on the end of a stick, and the Magic will still work.*

Then I laughed and laughed! The Queen is So Clever! And she is my friend. She knows I do not like to wear Clothing. Then she said, *Take the Bow to Shinyspeck, and he will help you put it on a stick.*

Shinyspeck is my friend. He is not a fairy. He is a Pixie! I took the Rain Bow to Shinyspeck. He said, *I do not understand you, Bud. What do you want me to do with this Hair Bow?*

I found a stick. I put the Bow on the end. I held up the stick. The Bow fell off! But Shinyspeck said, *You want me to attach that Hair Bow to a Stick? You are so very weird, Bud, but ok, I can do that.*

I nodded. I am so very weird! I do not know why. But he put the Bow on the Stick! I smiled! Then I took the Rain Bow home. I put it in my house. I took a nap while I waited for Rain.

Today it Rained! I went Out in the Rain, and Did Useful Things. This is what I did:

I splashed the snails! They like to be wet. They were very happy.

I pulled a Worm Across the Clearing. I do not know why the Worm wanted to Cross the Clearing. But now it is on the Other Side!

I helped the Garden Gnomes with their Weeds. Weeds like Rain. Thistle said, *Stand there, Bud.* I stood there. Then Nettle said, *Move now, Bud.* Then I moved. Then Henbit said, *Go home, Bud.* That means they did not need me to be Useful anymore.

But I did not Go Home. I collected Rain Drops for Crystalfluff. She has this Job: Healer. When I was ill, she made me feel better! She needs Rain Drops for her Medicines, but she cannot go in the Rain to collect them! I collected a whole Sea Shell full of Rain Drops!

Then I watched the Wairies play in the Pond. Wairies are Water Fairies. They only come out when there is Rain! It was not Useful to watch them. But it was fun!

Then the Rain did this: stopped. That means it was not Raining anymore. It was safe for my friends to come out and play! We played hide-and-seek and poke-the-spider and rode on the snails. It was a very good day.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

PS: The plants are happy too.

PS Again: I put the Rain Bow in my house for next time.



About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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  1. Kathleen Pfeiffer says:

    Where do you get your story ideas?


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