I am so excited!

It is almost Twinkle Dingle Day! Hooray!

These are Ten Reasons Why I Am Excited!

  1.  I LOVE CELEBRATIONS! They are fun! We have Celebrations A LOT in Twinkle Dingle. But Humans don’t come to them. Humans can come to Twinkle Dingle Day!
  2.  I will have a Day Off. Maybe I can Float in Something! I like to Float in buttermilk. It is Delicious.
  3.  I will get to meet new friends! Will you be one of my new friends?
  4.  There will be Games to Play! I LOVE GAMES! I love hide-and-seek the best.
  5.  Humans and fairies and pixies and mermaids can ASK ME ANYTHING! If I know the answers, I will ANSWER ANYTHING! I like to Answer Questions. It is like a Game!
  6.  Maybe I will get to lick Choklit! I LOVE CHOKLIT.
  7.  Someone called Author will be there. Authors make up stories! I LOVE STORIES! Maybe there will be a new story!
  8.  Someone called Artist will be there too! I know what an Artist is. They do this: Make Art. Art is nice to look at! But do not lick it. Artists DO NOT LIKE THAT. I do not know why.
  9.  Some Humans can win Prizes! Some of the prizes have pictures of me, Bud Mushroom. Some of the Prizes have pictures of my friends! Prizes are things like Stickers. I do not know what a Sticker is.
  10.  I LOVE TWINKLE DINGLE! I love it SO MUCH that I want everyone else to Celebrate with me! Maybe everyone else will love it too!

td bud

I hope you can come to Twinkle Dingle Day!!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


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I was interviewed!

I do not know why.

You can read it here.

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Twinkle Dingle Day

I will tell you about Twinkle Dingle Day.

I live in Twinkle Dingle. That is because it is my home. All of my friends live here, too! Humans call it Fairy Land. I do not know why.

One day, the Queen said, *We Wish to Celebrate Twinkle Dingle. We shall have a Celebration, and call it Twinkle Dingle Day.*

A Celebration is like a Party! When she said that, I clapped my hands! I like Parties!

Then she said something AMAZING! She said, *Bud Mushroom, We know you have been telling stories to Worldwide the Spider. If you will tell Worldwide about Twinkle Dingle Day, We will let you keep your Magic Rock.*

I do not know how she found out about my Magic Rock! I jump words on my Rock, and Worldwide Spider can see them in their Web!

I want to keep my Magic Rock! So I am telling Worldwide Spider about Twinkle Dingle Day RIGHT NOW!

td bud


Worldwide Spider, please come to Twinkle Dingle Day! Then the Queen will know I told you about it!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!


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A Secret

Today I will Jump a Secret.

I love to play games. That is not the Secret.

Hide-and-Seek is my favorite game! That is also not the Secret.

This is the Secret: I will Jump about the places I like to hide! The places are the Secret! But don’t tell Flutterglow. I want to hide in them again.

Here are my favorite places:

  1. In the Pond. I can hide under the water for a LONG TIME. But I soak up water! I get big! One time the Queen said, *Bud, you are like a Tiny Green Sponge.* I do not know what a Sponge is. But when I get big from the water, it is easy for Flutterglow to find me. Maybe the Pond is not such a good Hiding Place.
  2. In the Cricket Barn. One time Pebblemist found me hiding there. She said, *You are not a Cricket, Bud Mushroom. If you are going to be in my Cricket Barn, then you must help me clean it.* I nodded. I like to be Useful. I cleaned the Cricket Barn. I carried out all of the old Cricket Skins. When a Cricket grows, it takes off its old skin! I made a Pile of Cricket Skins. Then Flutterglow found me.
  3. In a Pile of Cricket Skins. Outside the Cricket Barn, there was a HUGE Pile of Cricket Skins! I do not know why. I hid in it. Flutterglow found me. She said, *Bud, that was silly, I just now found you in the Cricket Barn. Next time, wait until the next day, or hide in it while I am not looking, at least.* Next time, I will hide when she is Not Looking.
  4. Under Thistle’s hat. I hid there once for THREE DAYS. When Flutterglow finally found me, I laughed and laughed! She always looks there now. It is not a Secret Hiding Place anymore.
  5. In a Basket of Fluff. Quickspirit was Collecting Fluff. He is the Fluff Collector. He sat next to a Basket of Fluff. He opened a Box. This is what was inside the Box: A Delicious Snack! I LOVE Delicious Snacks! I flew next to him. He smiled. He said, *And how are you today, My Little Seedling?* I looked at his Snack. I licked my lips. He laughed. He gave me half of his Snack! Then he went back to work. Then I heard Flutterglow. Her wings made this noise: Buzz. She said, *Bud, where are you?* I hid in the Basket of Fluff. But I left my Delicious Snack next to the Basket! She found me. Then she handed me my Snack! It was Delicious.
  6. Under a Piece of Driftwood at the Seashore. I got Sand between my toes. Flutterglow did not find me. But Baggywrinkle did! He is a Puffin. He is friends with the Mermaids. He thought I was a Delicious Treat. But I am not a Delicious Treat! I am a Useful Fairy!
  7. In the Wishing Well. I am not a Coin. But I went inside anyway. Flutterglow found me. She said, *I found you, Bud! Now I get to hide, and you have to find me.* I nodded. She flew away. I counted to ten. Ten is the biggest number I know. Then I saw Grassywind. He is a Pixie. He said, *Hey, Bud, do you want to help me sort rocks?* I nodded! I DID want to help him Sort Rocks! We flew to his Sorting Station. We Sorted Rocks. Then I flew home. Then Flutterglow *POPPED* into my house. She made the noise she calls Exasperated. She said, *THERE you are! You were supposed to find me! I hid for hours and hours! What have you been doing all this time?* I told her about Sorting Rocks. She did this: Frown. But then she did this: Giggle. Then she said, *I would have gone off to sort rocks too, next time come find me first and we’ll both sort rocks.* I nodded. Next time I will find her so she can Sort Rocks Too.
  8. Under a leaf. Flutterglow did not find me. But Rudy did! He went for a walk. He stepped on the leaf. I got squished into the mud! It did not hurt. Mud is soft. But Rudy stopped. He moved the leaf. He saw me! Next time I will hide under a different leaf.
  9. Behind Flutterglow’s bed. She sleeps in a seashell. She came to her home. So did Cloverflower. That is because they share a house. Cloverflower said, *We should keep looking for him, Flutterglow. What if he is in danger?* The HIM is ME! I was hiding! Flutterglow said, *I am tired of looking, he’s probably just someplace he shouldn’t be anyway, like that time he hid in Rudy’s … I don’t even want to say it.* Cloverflower said, *Then let’s just go to bed, I am tired. We can look in the morning.* They came into the room with their bed. It is called Bed Room. I do not know why. Flutterglow took off her dress. She yawned. Then she saw me. She made the noise she calls Exasperated. She said, *There you are, Bud Mushroom! Get out of my Bed Room!* I nodded. I got out of her Bed Room. Cloverflower giggled. I do not know why.
  10. In the Queen’s Thinking Place. I am not allowed to go in there Without Permission. But I went in Without Permission. Flutterglow did not find me. She said, *Come out, come out, wherever you are!* I came out from wherever I was. Do not tell the Queen. I will be in Big Trouble if she finds out.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

P.S. Baggywrinkle did not eat me.

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Ten Things I Licked Today

Today the Queen said, *Bud Mushroom, We do not need you to be Useful today. You may have the Day Off.*

I did not know what a Day Off was! So I asked Cloverflower. She said, *You can do Anything You Want today, Bud.* But I did not know what I wanted to do! She said, *Whatever, Bud, you can go lick things all day for all I care.*

So I did. This is what I licked:

  • Cloverflower’s Breakfast. It was a Smooshed Berry. She said, *Bud, I didn’t mean for you to lick things in my house! Go Someplace Else! And take That Berry with you.* I went Someplace Else. I took That Berry with me.
  • A Mushroom. It was the same color as my tongue! It did not taste like my tongue. It tasted like a Mushroom! After I licked it, I sat on it. Then I ate That Berry.
  • Willowdrop’s Hair Oil. She said, *Oh, Bud! I hope that Hair Oil does not make you ill! Go lick something different!* Then she gave me a hug and a Piece of Choklit! She is a Good Mummy.
  • Peppertwirl’s Mirror. I do not know why. Peppertwirl said, *Bud, now my Mirror has Tongue Marks all over it! And what is that, Hair Oil? You must Come Back Tomorrow and Clean It Off!* I will Go Back Tomorrow and Clean It Off.
  • A Tree. Shinyspeck said, *I dare you to lick that tree, Bud.* So I did. It did not taste good. The Bark made my tongue feel scratchy. Shinyspeck laughed. I do not know why.
  • The Pond. The Water is Cool and Refreshing. It made my tongue feel better.
  • A frog. I did not mean to! But it was in the Pond. When I licked it, it jumped away! Frogs are fast.
  • Rudy. He smells like a skunk. He tastes like a skunk. That is because he is a skunk. His white stripes taste the same as his black stripes. I do not know why.
  • Flutterglow. She said, *That is Disgusting, Bud Mushroom! I do not know where your tongue has been! Ew, what is that Atrocious Smell? Have you been licking Rudy? Get away from me, Bud!*
  • Choklit. Willowdrop gave it to me. It was Delicious.

The next time I have a Day Off, I will Float in things.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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Crystalfluff is an AMAZING fairy. She has this Job: Healer. When a fairy is ill, she makes them well! When a fairy gets hurt, she helps make it better! One time, I was ill because I played in the rain. Crystalfluff made a Special Medicine that helped me to Get Well Soon. It tasted delicious.

Crystalfluff has a green dress. She has brown hair. When she is Not Doing Her Job, she likes to take walks in the forest. Sometimes she says, *Bud Mushroom, come with me and help me collect Leaves and Berries and Roots for Medicines.* Then I go with her. I carry a Very Large Bag. She puts things into it. Then I take it back to her house. She says, *Thank you, Bud. You are Very Useful.* I like to be Useful.

One time, she made Wing Oil for Flutterglow. Flutterglow has to fly a lot for her Job! But I went to her house. I did not know the Wing Oil was Wing Oil! I thought it was Delicious Nectar. So I drank it. Then Flutterglow made this noise: Exasperated. I do not know why.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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The Garden Gnomes



Today I will jump about the Garden Gnomes!

They are not fairies. This is why: THEY ARE GARDEN GNOMES! They have this Job: Growing Weeds. They wear Flower Pots. That is how you know they are Garden Gnomes and not Gnormal Gnomes. Gnormal Gnomes wear different hats.

Garden Gnomes are Very Important. There are four Garden Gnomes in Twinkle Dingle. Their names are Thistle, Nettle, Henbit, and Nutsedge. They wear bright colors.  When they fall asleep in the Weeds, we can still find them!

Sometimes I help them. I carry things. I bring them food. Sometimes Rumpleknoll helps them! Rumpleknoll is a fairy. She likes Weeds. She likes the Gnomes! She knows how to tell Which Weeds are the Weediest. Rudy the Skunk helps them too. He makes Plops. Weeds like to grow in Plops! I do not know why. But they must be Magic! The Weeds all smell like he does!

The Garden Gnomes like to eat Snacks. They eat Cheezy Doodles and Sweets. They eat Nuts and Berries. They like to drink Berry Juice. But they do a strange thing with it. They smoosh the berries into juice. Then they pour it into a barrel. Then they let it sit for a very very very long time. Then they drink it. I tasted some once. It made my mouth feel fizzy.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


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Shinyspeck is not a fairy. This is why: HE IS A PIXIE! He has brown skin and brown hair and wears brown clothing! He has wings and he can fly.

Shinyspeck is not his Pixie Name. I do not know what his Pixie Name is! Before I knew his fairy name, I called him this: Tall. That is because he is Taller than the other Pixies. They are Short and Middle. They are his friends.

One time, Shinyspeck made me wear Trousers!!! But then he said *I am sorry we scared you, Bud.* Now he is my friend.

Shinyspeck has this job: Tinker. He invents things. He makes Gadgets and Doohickeys. He is Very Clever. The mermaids like him. He gives them the Thingamabobs he does not need. Mermaids like Thingamabobs. I do not know why.

Shinyspeck likes to eat crunchy Pixie food. He eats nuts and bark. He likes to drink Sea Water. He does not like to float in Nectar. He said, *Nectar makes my wings sticky, Bud. I do not like to be sticky.* I do not mind being sticky. Sticky Washes Off.

Shinyspeck lives with his Pixie friends. But he has this: A WORKSHOP! One time he let me go inside. He said, *Bud, you can come inside. But you MUST NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.*

So I went inside. I looked at all of his Gizmos and Whatchamacallits. I wanted to touch them. They are amazing! They are shiny! But I did not touch any of them, because he told me I MUST NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.

But I did lick one. Do not tell him.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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Today I will jump about Pebblemist.

Pebblemist is Cloverflower’s Mummy! She has brown skin. She has black hair. My Mummy braids her hair! It is a long curly braid. Pebblemist wears an orange dress. She does not have Shoes. That is because it is a Rule.

Pebblemist has this Job: Music Maker. She plays Music. She sings! When we have a Feast, she plays Music while we Eat. When we have a Party, she plays Music while we Dance! When there is a Blooming, she plays Quiet Music for the Seedling. It is called Lullaby. Lullaby makes Seedlings fall asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep too! I do not know why.

Sometimes other fairies play Music and Sing too. But Pebblemist is The One In Charge. She is the Music Maker. They are just the Singers or the Players. One time, I wanted to be a Singer. I went to Pebblemist. She said *Bud Mushroom, why are you here? You must make sounds with your mouth if you want to be a Singer.* I nodded. I opened my mouth. No sounds came out! She made a funny noise. I do not know why. It is the noise Flutterglow calls Exasperated.

But then Pebblemist said, *Bud, if you just want to stand with the other Singers, and not make any Sounds, it is Fine With Me.* I nodded! I did want to! So I did.

Then there was a Feast. I stood with all of the other Singers. I opened my mouth when they opened their mouths. But then I saw a Punch Bowl. I did not want to be a Singer anymore. Singing is Fun, but Floating in Nectar Punch is Better! I flew to the Punch Bowl. Pebblemist did this: she rolled her eyes. But then she smiled at me. But she did not drink any of the Nectar Punch. I do not know why.

Sometimes Pebblemist does this: she gathers Crickets. But she does not Milk them. She lines them up. They all look at her. She waves a Wand in the air. It is not a Flower Wand like the Queen has. It is a Stick! But it must be Magic. This is why: the Crickets make music with their wings! They play pretty songs. I like to hear Cricket Music.

Pebblemist likes to eat Berries. She likes to drink Acorn Milk. Cloverflower likes Acorn Milk too! Cloverflower told me that Pebblemist was a good Mummy. Sometimes Cloverflower and Flutterglow visit Pebblemist in her house. They bring her flowers.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

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Wildwhisper is a Very Important Fairy. This is why: HE TAKES CARE OF THE THORN. The Thorn is a Very Important Thorn. When a Human comes to Twinkle Dingle, they cannot watch a fairy do Magic. It is a Rule. So the Human has a choice: they can Close Their Eyes, or they can have their eyes poked with the Thorn. Most Humans pick Close Their Eyes. I do not know why.

But we have to keep the Thorn safe Just In Case. That is Wildwhisper’s Job. One time, I watched it for him! And one time, he chased a fox with it. Then Flutterglow chased the fox with it. It was a scary fox. It tried to eat me! But it did not eat me. I am very happy. I do not want to be a snack for a fox. I do not want to be chomped.

This is why Wildwhisper let Flutterglow chase a fox with the Thorn: HE IS HER POPPY! He was a good Poppy. He took good care of Flutterglow. He fed her acorn milk and Smallfied apples.

Wildwhisper wears red clothing. I like red. He flies fast, but not as fast as Flutterglow! He likes to eat food and sing songs. He does not care what food or which songs. I do not know why.

That is everything about Wildwhisper.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

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Turtlesong is not a fairy! This is why: SHE IS A PIXIE!

One time, Turtlesong was not called Turtlesong. She had a Pixie name. I do not know what it was. But I called her this: Middle. That is because she has Pixie friends. One of them is taller than she is. One of them is shorter than she is. She is in the middle!

Turtlesong made me wear Trousers. I did not like that. But then she said, *I am sorry, Bud.* Now we are friends.

Turtlesong has this Job: Town Crier. That means she goes all over Twinkle Dingle. She says words that the Queen tells her to say. She invites people to Parties and tells people about Danger! She has an Important Job.

She is a Pixie so she wears brown clothing. She has brown hair and brown skin. She likes to eat crunchy Pixie food, like tree bark and hard nuts. I like tree bark when it is on trees! But I do not want to eat it. It hurts my mouth.

That is everything about Turtlesong.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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When a fairy is first Bloomed, it is called a Seedling. That is because a Seedling is a newly-Bloomed fairy.

Fairy Mummies and fairy Poppies have Important Jobs! If a fairy has a Seedling, someone has to take care of it while they do their Job.

Quickspirit is the Seedling Nurseryman. He takes care of Seedlings.

When I was a Seedling, he took care of me while my Mummy did her Job. He fed me Dewdrops and Nectar. He sang songs. He told stories.

When I was sleepy, he patted my back. He put me in a bed made out of a nutshell. He covered me with a leaf. He said, *Sleep tight, My Little Seedling.* I do not know why.

When there are no Seedlings, Quickspirit collects Fluff. He says that Fluff and Seedlings are Basically The Same Thing.

Quickspirit likes to sing songs. Sometimes he sings songs at Feasts and Parties.

He is very kind. Sometimes he brings me Extra Fluff!

But he does one thing that is silly. He calls EVERYONE *My Little Seedling*. Even when we are not Seedlings anymore! He even says it to the Queen! When I heard him say it to the Queen, I laughed and laughed!

That is everything about Quickspirit.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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