The Giggleblur

One day, Flutterglow came to my house.

She said, *Bud Mushroom, I have a Surprise for you! Hold out your hands!*

I smiled! I like Surprises! I held out my hands. Flutterglow gave me Something! This is what she gave me: A BEAN. It was a Large Bean. It was as big as my hand!

Flutterglow said, *Bud, that is a Magic Bean. Lick it and you will see what I mean!*

I licked the Bean. My eyes got big! That is because I was Surprised by my Surprise! This is why: IT WAS CHOKLIT!


I licked the Bean again!

Flutterglow said, *I have to go, Bud, I have things to do. But I will See You Later.* Then she flew off. This is why: she had things to do, and she would See Me Later.

I took my Bean inside my log house. I sat in my hummingbird nest bed. I licked and licked and licked the Bean!

Then something funny happened! I will tell you what it is: The Bean was still there, but the Choklit was all gone!

I will tell you why: the Bean was not MADE of Choklit! It was just COVERED in Choklit! Inside was Something Else!

I licked the Something Else. I took a tiny nibble. It did not taste Delicious. It tasted like Dandelion Leaves!

I frowned. I wanted more Choklit! Then I smiled. Maybe Flutterglow had more! I flew to Flutterglow’s house. It is also Cloverflower’s house. This is why: they live together.

I opened the door. I went inside. One time I went in through the window. Flutterglow said, *Bud do not go in the window again*. So this time I went in the door.

I did not see Flutterglow in the house. I saw a green blur. Then I saw Cloverflower. I showed her my Magic Bean. I drooped. That is because the Choklit was All Licked Off.

Cloverflower Rolled Her Eyes. Then she said, *Why did you bring that here, Bud?*

I saw a green blur again. I dropped my Magic Bean. I rubbed my eyes. I did not know why I saw a blur! Then I picked up the Bean. I licked it to show Cloverflower that the Choklit was gone.

Then I saw the green blur again! But it did Something Strange: IT GIGGLED! Then all of a Sudden, Something Amazing Happened!


Cloverflower said, *Bud, you are Clever. You did not eat the inside of the Express Bean. Flutterglow did, and look what happened! She Can’t Slow Down now! I do not know how to Make Her Stop!*

I picked up the New Bean. I licked it. It was Choklit!

But I did not know how to make Flutterglow stop. I did not know WHAT she was supposed to stop! She was not even here! I was here, and Cloverflower was here, and the Green Giggleblur was here! I did not know where Flutterglow was. But she was not here.

I tried to tell Cloverflower, but she just Rolled Her Eyes Again.

She said. *Go home and lick your Choklit, Bud. Do not eat the Inside of the Bean. It will make you Zoom Way Too Fast and might have Dire Consequences.*

The Blur giggled again.

Cloverflower said, *Stop that, Flutterglow!*

I do not know why.

I took my New Bean and flew home. I licked off all the Choklit. I did not eat the Inside of the Bean. Then I jumped these words.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

P.S. I still do not know where Flutterglow is.

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Hello from Bud Mushroom

I could not jump words for a long time! That is because Something Happened. I will tell you what happened!

I jump words on my Magic Rock. That is how I make this blog! My Rock has a Cord. One end of the Cord is stuck into my Rock. The other end of the Cord is stuck into a POTATO. The Potato is Magic. It has Power. It makes the Rock light up. Then I can jump words.

This is what happened: I was in my house. My friend Rudy came to visit! He is a skunk. He is too big to fit in my house. Only his snout fits! He sniffed me. It tickled! I laughed, and flew out of my house.

But Rudy smelled something that was not me. That is because I was not in my house. This is what he smelled: he smelled my Potato!

Then this is what happened next: RUDY ATE MY MAGIC POTATO!

I flew down Just In Time to pull away the Cord! He did not eat the Cord. He did not eat the Rock. But he ate the Entire Potato.

I laughed and laughed. But then I drooped. This is why I drooped: now I had no power! I could not jump words on my Magic Rock! I drooped more!

Then I told Rudy why I drooped. Rudy drooped too! He did not know it was a Special Potato. He only thought it was a Delicious Snack. I sat on his back. I patted his head.

I said, *There, there, Rudy. Do not be sad. You did not know any better.*

We went to find Flutterglow. This is why: she gave me the Potato! Maybe she could find another one. Then I would have Power again!

When we found Flutterglow, I told her what happened. She made the noise she calls Exasperated.

Then she said, *I do not know if I can find another Potato, Bud. I will try, but maybe you can ask Shinyspeck for Something Rudy Won’t Eat. But do not show Shinyspeck your Magic Rock. That is Very Important to remember, Bud.*

I nodded! Shinyspeck is not a fairy. This is why: HE IS A PIXIE! But he is not a Mean Pixie. He is a Nice Pixie. And he is a Clever Pixie. He makes things. That is his Job. So we went to find Shinyspeck.

I told Shinyspeck what happened.

He said *Bud Mushroom, I do not know what you are trying to say. I do not understand. You will have to show me Some Other Way.*

I nodded. I flew to Rudy’s back and sat down. Shinyspeck flew to Rudy’s back and sat down. Then Rudy walked back to my house.

When we got to my house, I showed Shinyspeck the Cord. I did not show him the Rock, because Flutterglow told me not to. I did not show him the Potato, because it was inside Rudy. I did not want to be inside a skunk! But Shinyspeck understood!

He said, *Bud, I have seen a Cord like this, once. Flutterglow … never mind that now. Pretend I didn’t say that. You need a Power Supply. I will give you power from the Sun!*

I clapped my hands. I nodded. Shinyspeck went back to his workshop. He calls it “Shinyspeck’s Workshop.” I do not know why. He did not come back Right Away, but that is alright because I was tired. So I went to sleep.

When I woke up, there was a small box in my house. My Cord went into the box. Another cord went from the box through a crack in my house, to the outside. I went outside and looked at the cord. It went up the side of a tree, up and up and up! Shinyspeck said he would get me power from the Sun. The Sun is VERY HIGH UP! He must have had a very very VERY long cord! Pixies are AMAZING. I did not know they could fly all the way to the Sun.

Now my Rock lights up and I can jump words again.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

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One day the Queen said, *Bud Mushroom, We require a Wishing Well. Find Tanglebug and Featherdancer, and have them construct one near my cottage.*

I nodded. I knew where the Queen’s Cottage was. It was high up in a tree! But I did not know what a Wishing Well was! I flew away. I found Tanglebug. I found Featherdancer. They are Builders. They would know what a Wishing Well was!

I told them what the Queen said. I said, *The Queen wants a Wishing Well. I do not know why.*

Tanglebug said, *What are you saying, Bud?*

Featherdancer said, *I do not understand him. We must ask the Queen.*

We all flew to the Queen. She was sitting on her Throne. This is why she has a Throne: She is the Queen! She sits on it. That is what Queens do with Thrones.

Tanglebug said, *We do not understand what Bud wants.*

Featherdancer said, *All he does is wave his hands and smile.*

I smiled! I liked to smile. But it is hard to talk. I do not like to talk. That is why I wave my hands. It is better than talking.

The Queen grinned at me! She is my friend. She knows I do not like to talk.

She said, *We require a Wishing Well. When We last Granted a Wish, We had to depend upon the availability of Dandelions, which is Not Certain. And it Simply Will Not Do to involve Leprechauns in the Royal Business of Twinkle Dingle, nor can we depend on Stars to Leave Their Homes in the sky. We must have a Wishing Well we can use At All Times.*

Tanglebug said, *Oh. I suppose we can do that.*

Featherdancer said, *Where do you want it?*

*Bud will show you,* the Queen said.

She meant me! I am Bud! And I Knew where she wanted it! So I flew to a spot under a tree. It was not Right Next to her cottage. This is why: HER COTTAGE IS IN A TREE! I pointed up to her cottage.

Tanglebug looked up. Featherdancer looked up.

Tanglebug frowned.

Featherdancer said, *We cannot build it in a tree. We must build it down here on the ground.*

I frowned and I drooped. The Queen said near her cottage! But then I remembered: underneath was near. So I smiled and nodded.

Tanglebug said, *Thank goodness.*

Featherdancer said, *At least we understand nodding.*

I nodded again!

Then Featherdancer said, *Bud, go find rocks. A lot of rocks. Big ones, as big as your head! And don’t Smallify them, they must stay Exactly That Size.*

I nodded. I flew around looking for rocks. I found some! They were heavy! I could only carry one at a time. I flew a lot. I carried a lot. My wings hurt.

Finally Tanglebug said, *You can stop now. We have enough rocks.*

I smiled. I was tired! I wanted to stop. So I sat under the tree while they worked. I wanted to watch them build Wishing Well. But I was so tired that I fell asleep! And when I woke up, I saw what they built! It was a small round building. It had a roof on sticks! But it was Much Too Small to live in. Next to it, there was a bucket made out of an acorn. It had a spider silk rope attached to it.

I still do not know what it is for. I do not know how an acorn bucket and a tiny house made of rocks can Make Wishes Come True. I will ask someone tomorrow.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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Flutterglow and the Bee

Today, my friend Flutterglow came to my house. She said, *Bud Mushroom, Be Useful and Help me!*

I nodded. I like to be Useful!

Then she said, *Bud, I want to give Cloverflower a Gift. I am going to the Bees to get some Honey. You can carry this Pot to fill with Honey.*

I like Cloverflower. She smells nice and she makes me laugh. I nodded again. I wanted to help! I wanted her to have a Gift!

Flutterglow flew away. I followed. I carried the Pot.

Flutterglow has an amazing thing. It is called Messenger Bag. She can put things in her Bag. It can be a GINORMOUS thing and it will STILL FIT!

She did not have her Bag now. I do not know why. That is why I had to carry the Pot. I wished she had her Bag. The Pot was heavy. It made my arms hurt. But we did not have to fly very far.

We went to the place the Bees live. It is called Bee Hive. I do not know why. She hovered by the opening of Bee Hive. There is no door on a Bee Hive! I do not know why.

Flutterglow stuck her head inside Bee Hive. She said this: *Hello, Bees! Where are you all? Can I have some honey for my friend, Cloverflower? Oh there you are, Bee. Hello, can we please have some … OW! Hey, stop that! Ow! Stupid Bee, I only wanted … OW!*

She pulled her head out. I saw why she said OW! This is why: THE BEE POKED HER WITH A STINGER!

A Bee has an amazing thing! It is called Stinger. It is attached to the Bee’s bottom! Bees can Sting fairies and other things! It hurts! But it also hurts the Bee! So the Queen gave the Bees a Magic Stinger to use sometimes. It is like a Thorn. It is not attached to their bottom. The Bees do not get hurt when they use it! But it makes fairies say OW!

That is what the Bee used to poke Flutterglow. When I saw her face, I knew it! And this is why: HER FACE WAS ALL RED AND PUFFY! I started to laugh. Then she said *Ips nob fummy, Bum.*

I did not know what to do! I wanted to laugh but she said it was not funny. So I tried to be Useful and think about What To Do. And this is what I Knew: I could take her to Crystalfluff! Crystalfluff makes Potions and Tonics and Remedies. When fairies are sick, Crystalfluff helps us to Get Well Soon.

I flew to the ground and left the Pot. Then I flew back to Flutterglow and held her hand. I helped her fly to Crystalfluff!

When we went into Crystalfluff’s house, Crystalfluff said, *Oh my, oh my! Whatever happened, Bud?*

I told her what happened. I told her about the Bee! I told her about the Stinger!

Then she said *Tsk, tsk, Flutterglow! Whatever were you thinking? You should know better than that! But I will make you well. Go home, Bud, thank you for being Useful.*

I went home. That is where I am now! I do not know what Crystalfluff will do! And I just remembered! I need to go get the Pot! I will go get it NOW!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

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The Jar of Jam

Hi, it’s me, Bud Mushroom!

I have been busy. I was busy being Useful. That is because I am a Useful Fairy. I was so Useful that did not have time to jump words!

But now I can tell you something I did. It was not Useful. But it was Delicious.

One day, the Queen asked me some questions. I answered them. As a Reward, she gave me something AMAZING!

It was this: A JAR FULL OF JAM!

I love Jam! It is Delicious!

But the Jar was Too Big To Carry. So I ate it while I was in the Queen’s House. She was not there. She had Important Things To Do.

And then a funny thing happened! I will tell you what it was:


There is something about the Queen’s House that you should know. I will tell you what it is. The front door is blocked by a branch. That is because the Queen’s House is in a tree. Trees have branches, and one blocked the door.

So her House has something AMAZING! It has a door in the ROOF!

After I ate the Jam, I tried to fly out the Door in the Roof. But I got stuck! My head and arms were outside the House! My bottom and legs were inside the House! When I got stuck, I laughed and laughed.

Finally, my friends came to pull me out. This is who came: Cloverflower, Flutterglow, Rumpleknoll.

Rumpleknoll said *I am not pushing Bud’s backside. It is green and smells like mushrooms. You two go in there and do it.*

I laughed when she said that. She is right!

Cloverflower twirled her hair. Flutterglow made the noise she calls Exasperated. But then they both POPPED inside the House and started pushing my bottom! Rumpleknoll grabbed my hands and pulled! It tickled! I squirmed and laughed!

But I was still stuck! Then Flutterglow and Cloverflower both POPPED back. Rumpleknoll said, *Just grab his hands and POP him out.*

Flutterglow giggled. Then Cloverflower giggled. Then they each held one of my hands and POPPED me out of the Doorway! Then I flew home.

It was a Very Delicious and Exciting Day!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

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I had an adventure!


Something exciting happened! It is too long to jump here. It is on a place called Smashwords. Smashwords is a funny name! But you can get my adventure there (it’s free!).

It is called Bud Mushroom and the Nefarious Trousers. It is about me, Bud Mushroom! It is about Trousers!

I had help jumping it. I hope you like it!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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A Cage!


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It’s Coming!


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Ask Me Anything!

Hi from Bud Mushroom!

When I was looking at Worldwide’s Web, I found something AMAZING. I will tell you what it is.

It is called Ask Me Anything. You can ask ANYTHING!

I made one at a place called Imzy! Imzy has something ADORABLE! It is called Imzysaurus. It is not as adorable as a fairy. But it is still adorable.

And guess what? A Badger asked me a Question and I answered it! I might answer your question too!

Ask Me Anything!

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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I was Useful today!

Something Exciting happened today! I took food to the Gnomes.

That was Useful. But it was not Exciting. I will tell you the Exciting thing now.

On my way to the Gnomes, I found a bunny! It was a baby. It was soft. It was lost!

It made a sad face. I think it was a sad face. I am not sure what a bunny looks like when it is sad. But I would be sad if I was lost!

I did not know what to do! I tugged its ear. It wiggled its nose. I pushed it from behind. It thumped its foot.

Then I sat and tried to be Useful. And this is what happened: I Knew what to do!

I flew up high in the air. I looked and looked. Finally I saw a Mummy bunny. I did not know if it was the right Mummy. But a bunny Mummy might be able to help!

But I do not know how to talk to bunnies. I can talk to these things: fairies, dragonflies, gnomes, skunks, dryads, bumblebees, mermaids, mushrooms. None of those things are bunnies.

I sat and tried to be Useful again. The bunny made a sad face. I think it was a sad face. But then I Knew – it was not a sad face! It was a HUNGRY face! I had food for Gnomes! I did not know if a bunny would eat Gnome food. But I gave it some. This is what I gave it: an apple. IT ATE THE APPLE! Then it curled up in a ball. It fell asleep!

I still did not know what to do! But I had Gnome food. So I delivered it. Then I told Rudy about the bunny. Rudy is not a bunny. He is a skunk. But he is like a bunny. He has a tail and four feet. So do bunnies! But the bunny was brown. Rudy is black and white. And Rudy has a watering can for a hat. The bunny did not have a hat. But I told Rudy anyway. I did not know what else to do!

Rudy told Rumpleknoll. Rumpleknoll flew to me. She said *Bud, you must tell Bramblepuff about the bunny. He will know what to do.*

I flew to Bramblepuff. This is his Job: Snail Handler. He was sitting on a snail. I told him about the bunny. He pointed behind him. He said *Hop on, Bud. We will go find the bunny.*

I sat behind him on the snail. The snail moved very slowly. That is because it was a snail. Snails are slow. I do not know why.

We sat on the snail for a very long time. We did not go very far. I thought I would fall asleep! Finally Bramblepuff said *Never mind Bud, we will get there faster if we fly.*

So we flew to the bunny. It was awake! Bramblepuff said *Do you know where the Mummy is, Bud?* I nodded and pointed to where I saw the Mummy.

Bramblepuff flew in front of the bunny. I do not understand what he did. It looked like he buzzed and danced and hopped! But then the bunny started jumping! Bramblepuff said *Hop on, Bud. Ha ha! Hop, do you get it? It’s a bunny!*

I nodded. I did not Get It. I did not know what It was! But Bramblepuff laughed, so I laughed. Then I sat on the bunny. Bramblepuff sat on the bunny. It hopped and hopped! We had a ride on a bunny! Then we saw the Mummy!

The Mummy bunny hopped over to us! She picked up the baby in her teeth! She almost bit me! But I flew away just in time.

Then I flew home. Rumpleknoll came to my house. She said *Did you find the bunny’s Mummy?* I nodded and she gave me a Reward! It was a smooshed berry!

Rumpleknoll said *Nettle sat on it and it smooshed. I know you like the smooshy ones, Bud.*

I nodded and licked it! Smooshed berries are the best! They are juicy! It was a good Reward.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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A Delicious Mistake

Today Cloverflower came to my house. She said *Bud Mushroom we need your help. Be Useful and help us.*

I like to be Useful. So I nodded and followed her.

She took me to her house. Flutterglow was there. That is because it is also her house. They live together.

Flutterglow made the noise she calls Exasperated. She said *It took you long enough.*

Cloverflower made a funny face. I laughed.

Flutterglow did not laugh. She said *Bud this is Important. You must hold this for us.*

I looked what what she gave me. It was choklit! I licked my lips.

Cloverflower said *No Bud. Don’t eat it. Flutterglow found it in the woods.*

Flutterglow laughed. She said *Found it. Ok.* She made a buzzing noise like a wasp. I do not know why.

Cloverflower giggled. I laughed too but I do not know why.

Then Cloverflower said *Help us Bud and you can have a lick.*

I nodded and smiled!

Flutterglow said *Sit here Bud. Do not let the choklit out of your sight. Do not eat it.*

Cloverflower said *We heard of something delicious to make with choklit. We have to find the rest of the ingredients. We will be back soon. And you can have some then.*

Then they POPPED away!

I looked at the choklit. Flutterglow had said *Do not eat it*. I would not eat it.

But she did not say *Bud Mushroom do not touch it*.

So I picked up the choklit. It was square and brown. I smelled it. It smelled delicious! I rubbed my hands on it. It felt smooth.

Then I put it back down on the table. I looked at my hands. They had choklit on them!

I did not know how to put the choklit back! But they said I could have a lick. So I licked off my hands.

It was delicious.

But the choklit on the table looked funny. It wasn’t smooth like before. They would know I had some on my hands! They would say *Bud Mushroom did you eat our choklit?* They might be angry. I did not want my friends to be angry.

But I had an Idea. It was Very Clever.

They said I could have a lick. So I licked the choklit until it was smooth again. I licked and licked and licked! And then it was smooth again.

I did not touch it again. I looked at it. It did not move. I do not know why.

Then Cloverflower and Flutterglow came back. Cloverflower had a flat thing that looked like a square leaf. Flutterglow had a puffy white thing.

Cloverflower said *Now we need to melt the marshy-mallow and …*

She saw the choklit. I grinned. I had kept it safe! I knew she would be happy!

She said *Bud did you eat our choklit?*

I shook my head. I had only licked it!

Flutterglow picked it up. She made the noise she calls Exasperated. *Bud it’s Almost Gone. What happened to it if you did not eat it?*

I took it from her. I licked it to show her.

She made the noise again and took it from me. I do not know why.

Cloverflower said *There is not enough left for us to use now, Bud! That was a Big Mistake, asking you to watch our choklit!*

I nodded and grinned.

Cloverflower made a face at me. Then she handed me the flat thing. She said *You may as well take that too, since we don’t have any choklit left.*

Flutterglow said *He can’t have my marshy-mallow. I will eat it By Myself. Go home Bud*.

I smiled and nodded. I took the flat thing home. When I got home, I licked it. It was also delicious! But it was very big. I was very full. I shared it with Rudy.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

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