A thief in Twinkle Dingle!

Yesterday, Grassywind said, *Come with me, Bud Mushroom. You can be Useful, and help me Organize Things.*

I nodded! I like to be Useful! We went to the Kitchen. The Kitchen is inside a Hollow Tree.  Flickerfoot was there. That is because he has this Job: Royal Chef. He makes food for the Queen.

Flickerfoot said, *Thank goodness you are here, Grassywind! I am in a Kerfluffle! Please Sort my Nuts and Berries.*

Grassywind told me what to do. He showed me a Basket full of Berries of All Colors! He said, *Put all of the Blue Berries in that shell, Bud. Put the Red Berries in that other shell. And put the Purple Berries in the third shell.*

Grassywind Sorted the Nuts. I Sorted the Berries. But sometimes Red Berries look like Purple Berries! Sometimes Purple Berries look like Blue Berries! Sometimes I got All Mixed Up! But I Did My Best. That is All I Can Do.

And then Flickerfoot came back. He said, *You did a grand job! Now I can find all of my Berries and Nuts. Thank you.*

He gave me a Blue Berry and a Brown Nut! I took them home. I licked the Berry. It was Juicy.

But I do not like Nuts. They are Hard and Crunchy. They hurt my mouth. I did not know what do do! And then I had an Idea. I will tell you my Idea. This was my Idea: I would give the Nut to one of my Friends!

But I was tired. Sorting Berries is Hard Work! I wanted to sleep! So I put the Nut by my door. Then I curled up in my bed. I went to sleep.

When I woke up, THE NUT WAS GONE! But I heard a noise. This was the noise: Chitter. I followed the Chitter. I looked up. That is because the Chitter was Up. I saw something Red. I flew up to the Red Thing and guess what I found??

A SQUIRREL. It was sitting in the Tree. It was eating my Nut! I drooped. I would not have a Nut to give my friends! But then the Squirrel did something EVEN MORE AMAZING! It ran farther up the tree.

I followed!

It went into a Hole in the Tree!

I followed!

Guess what was inside the Hole?? I will tell you what was Inside the Hole. BABY SQUIRRELS! The Squirrel curled up with the Babies. It was their Mummy! I smiled! But the Squirrel Nest was SO HIGH UP that I was tired from flying. So I curled up with them. They were Soft. They were Warm! I took a nice nap. Then I woke up and flew home.

I still do not have a Nut. But that is alright. I will give my friends Something Else, and I will Explain about the Baby Squirrels.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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