A Basket Full of Food

One day, the Queen said to me *Bud, Today you will take Food to the Garden Gnomes.*

I went to the Kitchen. I went to Flickerfoot. Flickerfoot has this job: Chef. He cooks food. We eat it.

Flickerfoot said *Are you here to deliver to the Gnomes, Bud?*

I nodded. He handed me a Basket. He said *Bring back the Basket, Bud. You know what happened last time.*

I nodded. I remembered! I will tell you what happened Last Time.

Last Time, I took food to the Gnomes. I took it in a Basket. But not this Basket. It was a Different Basket. I flew and gave them the Basket with Food Inside.

And then I was hungry. But I did not want to eat the food for the Gnomes. They like to eat things I do not like. They like Nuts and Roots and Carrots and Apples. I like Nectar and Honey and Things I can Lick. I like Cheese Burger!

So I flew away to look for food. I left the Basket. I found some Nectar. I found some Grasshopper Milk. Then I was full.

I flew back to the Gnomes. I flew to get the empty Basket.

I could not find it! It was Gone! I looked and looked. I asked the Gnomes. I asked Rumpleknoll. I went to ask Rudy and then I saw the Basket!


Rudy thought it was his hat! But his hat is Watering Can, not Food Basket! I told Rudy he had on the Wrong Hat! But when he tried to take it off, it was Stuck!

So we found Nettle. He is a Garden Gnome. This is how you can tell he is a Garden Gnome: his hat is Flower Pot.

Nettle grabbed the Basket. He pulled and pulled. Then he said *’Fraid it’s stuck. Gotta cut it.*

I drooped. I knew Flickerfoot would Not Be Happy that we cut his Food Basket! But he would also Not Be Happy if I brought it back with Rudy inside! So I nodded.

Nettle cut it. It came off! But it was No Longer in One Piece.

I took it back to Flickerfoot. He frowned. He said *Bud Mushroom, what did you do to my Basket?* So I told him. Then he frowned again. He said *It is Ruined Beyond Repair. But it Can’t Be Helped Now.*

Then he got a new Basket. I do not know how. But he did. That’s the Basket I had now! I flew to the Gnomes. I Unpacked their food. I set it in the Clearing. I took the Basket back to Flickerfoot. He smiled! He said *You are a Useful Fairy, Bud!*

Then he gave me a piece of Petal Cake! It was delicious.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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