I was Useful today!

Something Exciting happened today! I took food to the Gnomes.

That was Useful. But it was not Exciting. I will tell you the Exciting thing now.

On my way to the Gnomes, I found a bunny! It was a baby. It was soft. It was lost!

It made a sad face. I think it was a sad face. I am not sure what a bunny looks like when it is sad. But I would be sad if I was lost!

I did not know what to do! I tugged its ear. It wiggled its nose. I pushed it from behind. It thumped its foot.

Then I sat and tried to be Useful. And this is what happened: I Knew what to do!

I flew up high in the air. I looked and looked. Finally I saw a Mummy bunny. I did not know if it was the right Mummy. But a bunny Mummy might be able to help!

But I do not know how to talk to bunnies. I can talk to these things: fairies, dragonflies, gnomes, skunks, dryads, bumblebees, mermaids, mushrooms. None of those things are bunnies.

I sat and tried to be Useful again. The bunny made a sad face. I think it was a sad face. But then I Knew – it was not a sad face! It was a HUNGRY face! I had food for Gnomes! I did not know if a bunny would eat Gnome food. But I gave it some. This is what I gave it: an apple. IT ATE THE APPLE! Then it curled up in a ball. It fell asleep!

I still did not know what to do! But I had Gnome food. So I delivered it. Then I told Rudy about the bunny. Rudy is not a bunny. He is a skunk. But he is like a bunny. He has a tail and four feet. So do bunnies! But the bunny was brown. Rudy is black and white. And Rudy has a watering can for a hat. The bunny did not have a hat. But I told Rudy anyway. I did not know what else to do!

Rudy told Rumpleknoll. Rumpleknoll flew to me. She said *Bud, you must tell Bramblepuff about the bunny. He will know what to do.*

I flew to Bramblepuff. This is his Job: Snail Handler. He was sitting on a snail. I told him about the bunny. He pointed behind him. He said *Hop on, Bud. We will go find the bunny.*

I sat behind him on the snail. The snail moved very slowly. That is because it was a snail. Snails are slow. I do not know why.

We sat on the snail for a very long time. We did not go very far. I thought I would fall asleep! Finally Bramblepuff said *Never mind Bud, we will get there faster if we fly.*

So we flew to the bunny. It was awake! Bramblepuff said *Do you know where the Mummy is, Bud?* I nodded and pointed to where I saw the Mummy.

Bramblepuff flew in front of the bunny. I do not understand what he did. It looked like he buzzed and danced and hopped! But then the bunny started jumping! Bramblepuff said *Hop on, Bud. Ha ha! Hop, do you get it? It’s a bunny!*

I nodded. I did not Get It. I did not know what It was! But Bramblepuff laughed, so I laughed. Then I sat on the bunny. Bramblepuff sat on the bunny. It hopped and hopped! We had a ride on a bunny! Then we saw the Mummy!

The Mummy bunny hopped over to us! She picked up the baby in her teeth! She almost bit me! But I flew away just in time.

Then I flew home. Rumpleknoll came to my house. She said *Did you find the bunny’s Mummy?* I nodded and she gave me a Reward! It was a smooshed berry!

Rumpleknoll said *Nettle sat on it and it smooshed. I know you like the smooshy ones, Bud.*

I nodded and licked it! Smooshed berries are the best! They are juicy! It was a good Reward.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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