Wildwhisper is a Very Important Fairy. This is why: HE TAKES CARE OF THE THORN. The Thorn is a Very Important Thorn. When a Human comes to Twinkle Dingle, they cannot watch a fairy do Magic. It is a Rule. So the Human has a choice: they can Close Their Eyes, or they can have their eyes poked with the Thorn. Most Humans pick Close Their Eyes. I do not know why.

But we have to keep the Thorn safe Just In Case. That is Wildwhisper’s Job. One time, I watched it for him! And one time, he chased a fox with it. Then Flutterglow chased the fox with it. It was a scary fox. It tried to eat me! But it did not eat me. I am very happy. I do not want to be a snack for a fox. I do not want to be chomped.

This is why Wildwhisper let Flutterglow chase a fox with the Thorn: HE IS HER POPPY! He was a good Poppy. He took good care of Flutterglow. He fed her acorn milk and Smallfied apples.

Wildwhisper wears red clothing. I like red. He flies fast, but not as fast as Flutterglow! He likes to eat food and sing songs. He does not care what food or which songs. I do not know why.

That is everything about Wildwhisper.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!

About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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