My friend Cloverflower told me something AMAZING. She told me what this is: POEM. I will tell you what Poem is. It is this: words that sound nice together. Sometimes they do this: Rhyme. That means they sound the same at the ends. Sometimes a Poem tells a story!

Then she said, *Bud, why don’t you use that thingamajigger you keep Jumping on, and write down a Poem?*

She means my Magic Pink Rock. I Jump words on it. I nodded, I wanted to Jump Words That Sound Nice Together. I wanted to Jump a Poem! Then I would tell Worldwide Spider my Poem, and maybe Worldwide would put the Poem in its Web!

This is the Poem I Jumped!

I like things to lick

I’m not very quick

Grasshoppers kick

I want a big stick.

But Cloverflower said, *Bud, that’s not right. You have to do the Rhymes in a Certain Way, like Hookahs, or Limey Rocks, or Lamby Penny Meter. And it has to Make Sense.*

I shook my head. I did not want to Jump about Limey Rocks! I did not know what Lamby Penny Meter was! And Hookahs Are Not Poems!

But I did want to Make Sense. I wanted to Jump about things I like! I wanted to Jump about things I Knew! So I Jumped another Poem!

Cloverflower is here

Telling me what to Jump

The sounds go in my ear

And come out of my Rump.

Then I laughed because it was funny and true!

Cloverflower looked at my Poem. She made the noise that Flutterglow calls *exasperated*. I do not know why. Then she said, *Whatever, Bud. It’s not really GOOD Poetry, but I guess the rhymes are alright. But I have Important Things To Do. You can keep writing … uh, Jumping, and I will come back later to look at your Poems.*

I nodded. I would Keep Jumping, and she would Come Back Later to Look at my Poems.

Then I Jumped this:

This one time, I hid in a Plop.

Then Flutterglow came with a *POP*

She gave me a Look

Then we *POPPED* to the Brook

And I floated until she said Stop.

It was a good Poem. But I wanted to Jump more! So I Jumped this:

I live in a log.

It is full of all my things.

And ants live here too.

That one did not Rhyme, but I liked it anyway!

And then I was done. I do not know why.

I will go tell my Poems to Worldwide Spider now.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.

P.S. It was really the Pond, not a Brook, but Pond Does Not Rhyme. Goodbye again from Bud Mushroom.

P.P.S. Pond DOES Rhyme with Frond and Wand and Fond. It does not Rhyme with Look. I do not know why. Goodbye again again from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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