Bud Mushroom’s Winter Surprise

Someone else jumped wrote this. I do not know why.


‘Twas the first night of Winter, and snug in his log,
was a tiny green fairy who’d drunk too much nog.
There had been a party, with good things to eat
and to drink. Now Bud Mushroom was totally beat.

He lay in his bed, which was an old nest;
with a seed for a pillow, he settled to rest.
He thought on the tale told by his Fairy Queen,
about magical elves, who were AMA-ZING!

They snuck into houses, and if they found Socks,
they filled them with candy and toys (things like blocks
and dollies and games) and so many fun treats!
Bud sat up, sadly, and looked at his feets.

He never wore clothing, so hadn’t a Sock.
(Though he had a Collection, including a Rock,
a snakeskin, a seashell, a whisker of cat,
a magic Potato, and good things like that.)

With no socks at all, the elves wouldn’t come.
So when Bud fell asleep, he was feeling quite glum.
But what Bud didn’t know (because he was sleeping),
was into his log house his friends were now creeping.

“Shush, Flutterglow, quiet!” the Fairy Queen said,
“Or you’ll wake up Bud Mushroom, asleep in his bed!”
Flutterglow nodded, trying not to ‘tee-hee’
(but being a fairy, it wasn’t easy).

The little Queen spoke to the fairy in pink,
“Cloverflower, now tell me – where do you think
we should hang this thing up, for he hasn’t a flue.
I really am not sure just what we should do!”

Cloverflow’r took the Sock (which was filled to the brim
with goodies for Bud – all picked just for him!).
She looked all around, and then smiled bright,
When she found the place that was perfectly right.

The Queen waved her flower, then nodded and said
“Now get the last thing, it should go by his bed.”
The two fairies nodded, then *POPPED* away quick –
Then suddenly *POPPED* back (ain’t that a neat trick?).

They left their last gift, standing up by Bud’s nest,
Then *POPPED* out of sight while Bud finished his rest.
When he woke in the morning, now, what did he see?
In his log, by his bed, was a beautiful tree!

‘Twas covered in berries, in blues and in reds,
with spider-spun garlands of sticky web-threads.
And, way up high, way up there, on the top,
Perched a beautiful, sparkling, gleaming dew drop!

Bud smiled when he saw it, and climbed out of bed.
Then he saw one more thing, hanging over his head!
‘Twas a Sock! Filled with treats, and with goodies galore!
And he laughed and he laughed ‘til his belly was sore.

He dumped out the Sock, and devoured the snacks.
Then he sorted the gifts – thistle down! Some beeswax!
Feathers! And eggshells! The bark of a tree!
These wonderful things made Bud dance with glee!

But the best gift was all was that knowing his friends
had come into his house, with these odds and those ends,
just to make his day happy, and give him some fun.
Happy Winter to all, now this story is done.


Happy Winter from Bud Mushroom!


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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