New Year

We did something AMAZING! I will tell you what it was. This is what it was: WE GOT A NEW YEAR! And we had a Party!

I do not know why we needed a New Year in Twinkle Dingle. I do not even know what a Year is, or what happened to the Old one! But Flutterglow said, *Bud, it is time for a New Year, we must have a Party like the Humans do, and make Revolutions. No, not Revolutions, Convolutions! No, wait, I mean, Substitutions–no, that’s not right either.*

Then Cloverflower said, *I think they’re called Distributions, Flutterglow!*

Flutterglow said, *You are right, Cloverflower! We have to make Distributions, Bud.*

I did not know what they were talking about, except for PARTY! So I nodded. I LOVE Parties! There is always Something Delicious to Float in at a Party!

Then Cloverflower said, *Bring your Distributions when you come to the Party!* Then she and Flutterglow *POPPED* away!

I wanted to get ready for the Party, but Cloverflower had said, *Bring your Distributions when you come to the Party!* And I did not know what Distributions were!

I drooped. I could not bring Distributions to the Party if I did not know what they were!

And then I remembered Something Important! I am a Useful Fairy, and I have Useful Magic! I needed to Know Something. I needed to Know what Distributions were! So I used my Magic, and then I KNEW! That is how Useful Magic works.

This is what a Distribution is: when you Give Something to Someone Else. I had things I could give to my Friends! But then I drooped again. I had many many MANY Friends, but I did not have many many MANY Things.  But I could not leave anyone out!

So I sat on the floor in my log and I used my Magic again. This is what I needed to Know: what to give EVERYONE in Twinkle Dingle so No One Would Be Left Out. And this is what I Knew: what to give EVERYONE in Twinkle Dingle so No One Would Be Left Out!

I flew outside to find what I Needed, and Made my Plan! It took a long long LONG time! My wings got very tired!

Just In Time, I got back to my log. Flutterglow *POPPED* in and said, *It’s Time for the Party, Bud, are you ready?* I nodded. That meant I WAS ready!

She said, *Do you have your New Year Distributions?* and I nodded and smiled! She did not Know my Plan! She touched my hand and *POPPED* me to the Clearing where the Party was!

Everyone was there, and the Queen said, *Now it is Time for the Distributions,* and she waved her Flower Wand. I do not know why.

Then the Queen Biggified a Berry Sweet, and let everyone take a bite! I did not bite it. I licked it. It was Delicious.

The Gnomes gave everyone a Magic Leaf, rolled up in a tiny piece of paper.

Willowdrop gave everyone a Brand New Comb.

Flickerfoot made a GIANT bowl of Nectar Punch, and let everyone have some!

Pebblemist and Cloverflower sang a song for everyone to hear.

Peppertwirl gave everyone NEW CLOTHING, except for me! She said, *Bud, I know you do not like Clothing, have this Choklit instead.* I LOVE CHOKLIT! I was very happy to have Choklit instead of Clothing.

All of my other friends gave things to each other, too! I got a lot of new things!

Then Flutterglow said, *Bud, what did you bring?* and I smiled! I flew to a Tree at the edge of the Clearing. I knocked on it, and guess what happened!

THE SKY LIT UP! I will tell you why: because of My Plan. This was my Plan: I found Fire Flies. They are not made of Fire. But their Bottoms Light Up! I told them to sit in the Tree. I told them when I knocked on the Tree, to fly into the air and make their Bottoms Light Up! And they did! They made Flowers in the Sky with their Lights!

All of my Friends said *Ooo*. Then all of my Friends said, *Ahh.* That means they liked my Distribution! It was Very Pretty to see the Fire Fly Lights in the Sky.

When the Fire Flies were done, they flew down to the Party. They Floated with me in the Nectar Punch.

Everyone had a Very Good Time, and No One Was Left Out.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom!


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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  1. Kathleen L Pfeiffer says:

    Happy New Year!


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