The Garden Gnomes



Today I will jump about the Garden Gnomes!

They are not fairies. This is why: THEY ARE GARDEN GNOMES! They have this Job: Growing Weeds. They wear Flower Pots. That is how you know they are Garden Gnomes and not Gnormal Gnomes. Gnormal Gnomes wear different hats.

Garden Gnomes are Very Important. There are four Garden Gnomes in Twinkle Dingle. Their names are Thistle, Nettle, Henbit, and Nutsedge. They wear bright colors.  When they fall asleep in the Weeds, we can still find them!

Sometimes I help them. I carry things. I bring them food. Sometimes Rumpleknoll helps them! Rumpleknoll is a fairy. She likes Weeds. She likes the Gnomes! She knows how to tell Which Weeds are the Weediest. Rudy the Skunk helps them too. He makes Plops. Weeds like to grow in Plops! I do not know why. But they must be Magic! The Weeds all smell like he does!

The Garden Gnomes like to eat Snacks. They eat Cheezy Doodles and Sweets. They eat Nuts and Berries. They like to drink Berry Juice. But they do a strange thing with it. They smoosh the berries into juice. Then they pour it into a barrel. Then they let it sit for a very very very long time. Then they drink it. I tasted some once. It made my mouth feel fizzy.

Goodbye from Bud Mushroom.


About Bud Mushroom

I am a Useful Fairy. I live in Twinkle Dingle.
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